Rogers CEO: “Monetization of Data” Pays Our Bills Nowadays



The CEO of Rogers Communications says that his strategy in launching a partnership with streaming music service Spotify was all about encouraging wireless customers to use more mobile data.

On Monday, Guy Laurence said that he didn’t even consider offering unlimited data usage for Spotify Premium (normally costs $10/month), which Rogers recently added as a bonus for customers of select high-end smartphone plans. The whole point, Laurence said, was to encourage subscribers to get comfortable with using more mobile data.

“I’m investing $49 million per week in building out my networks, both fixed and mobile, with a single point of view that people like you will continue to want to consume more data,” Guy Laurence, chief executive at Rogers, told reporters Monday. “In a lot of plans these days, voice is virtually free, text is virtually free. You got to pay the bills somehow and so we’re paying it through the monetization of data.”

Rogers’ strategy with its streaming music offer is to provide interesting content that prompts its subscribers to spend more money using its networks.

Laurence said that it will take time before promotions such as the Spotify deal begin to show up in a meaningful way in the company’s financial results.

Since joining Rogers almost two years ago, Laurence has put a focus on leveraging content to the benefit of the company’s cable, wireless and Internet operating, emphasized NHL programming and their video-streaming service Shomi.

[via Financial Post]


  • Phil

    Nick, fix the article. Fix the article. Heh.

    If Lawrence wants more usage, then Canadian carriers have to lower costs or offer more data. The prices are silly. I’m not going to use Spotify.

  • It’s Me

    “We’re just going to keep jacking up prices and you’ll take it. What are you going to do, go to Bell and Telus? They’ve both agreed to do the same thing, so suck it”.

    Fixed it for you.

  • Nick_Abby

    have to totally agree, Prices need to drop considerably on cellular data before I can justify more use… I already have 6gb of data at $30 a month for JUST the data… that is not enough it should be $30 a month for well over 50 to a 100 gigs a month……

  • CanadianBoy


  • OliChabot

    That’S a great strategy that will probably end up paying Rogers. I just got a plan with Rogers and they offered me that choice. I will take Shomi and keep Apple Music instead of Spotify, but this strategy is gold for Rogers who knows that by offering SPotify to users, they will use it on their mobile devices and therefore, on the long run, be used to consume more data on their cellphones.

  • Widohmaker

    Thanks Guy Lawrence, tell me something I didn’t already know.

  • Thanks. Thanks. Fixed. Fixed.

  • BrodieTheDog

    He is basicly giving affordable data usage the middle finger and giving us the shaft. Douche bag.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Because, you know, we’re not gouging Canadians enough with our outrageous prices for cellular plans and with data we’ve found an additional way to rape them financially.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Blame the government for allowing this to go on. Innovative small companies that become the Googles or Netflixes of the world have a much harder time starting here because of the cost of data for companies and ridiculously low data caps for consumers. All just to line the pockets of Rogers et al. Think of the amazing new technologies that would be created here if we all had low cost internet without the fear of artificial caps. If Canadians have to think twice about listening to Spotify because of the bandwidth cost, then we have a real problem.

  • rjb

    This gives me hope. If this idiot can be a CEO then I can be whatever I dream.

    So he thinks they are giving away the voice plans, really? $60/month is giving them away? What they are really doing is forcing their ultra expensive voice plans down consumers’ throats using the data plans. If you want a data plan, you have to have an overpriced voice plan and of course, since the voice plans aren’t shareable, you need one per device in order to use the data plan.

    Second, if he thinks that by giving away spotify users just will use expensive cellular data plans more, then he is as delusional as you can get.

    When a company tries to justify outrageous price increases by saying they have to pay their bills and not by offering something worth the increase then you know they have completely lost it.

    They get away because they are an oligopoly and the CRTC is either too stupid or too corrupt to do anything, but they are pushing it too much, I thin the time for the government regulating their prices have come.

    If anyone is interested, check prices for cellular services in other developed countries. Canada is twice as expensive as the most expensive one. This won’t be fixed by giving spectrum to other carriers, unless a deep pocketed carrier poised to take over the Canadian market (eg t-mobile) it won’t happen. I believe in free market when there is one. That’s not the case and that’s why heavy government regulation is a must.