Rogers Customer Care To No Longer Update My5 Numbers For Clients


The following policy change only affects Rogers customers who are subscribed to a wireless voice plan that includes the My5 or My10 calling feature.

Recently, Rogers made a policy update wherein My5 or My10 subscribers will no longer be able to call Rogers customer care to update their numbers. Previously, users were able to call in to Rogers and have a representative change the numbers and have those numbers made effective immediately.

This policy change was essentially made to reduce the number of callers into Rogers because I suppose the company doesn’t want to provide customer service? Maybe, maybe not. So while you cannot update over the phone anymore, there are two other methods.

The alternative methods of updating your numbers (and this is the push-back you’ll get if you call) is to use your account on or the Rogers My Account app if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, and so on.

Why This Policy Change Is Inconvenient

While this policy change is generally not a bad thing, it is very inconvenient.

The first problem is that by updating your My5 or My10 numbers online at or through the Rogers My Account app, customers have no idea if the changes are actually in effect (and don’t be surprised if the numbers didn’t update) potentially causing hundreds of dollars in unknown overage minute fees.

To confirm the changes, you have to call in and ask but then why wouldn’t the Rogers representative just update your numbers anyway?! So that’s the first issue.

The second problem is that the specific My10 feature cannot be updated through the Rogers My Account app. If you have My10 and try to update your 10 numbers, after tapping Save, your last five numbers are deleted or at least that is what it looks like. So to confirm if the numbers still exist, you have to visit but this still provides no certainty. So you are forced to call in to Rogers and we are back to problem one above.

As a My5 or My10 subscriber, how do you feel about this?


  • Anonymous

    I guess they don’t want customer service to be called because it costs them money, the new three entrants help canadians, and robbers think they can add charges and take away csr roles.

  • It’ll less the amount of calls the call center reps get from My5 and My10 and freeing them up for other things.

    Calling customer service to change your My5 numbers is a useless 2 mins call and it wastes the rep’s time.

  • Joker Eh

    just another reason for me to leave when my contract is up, I am getting tired of their penny pinching.

    they better hope that if I make change using the app, that it takes effect right away, and if I am charged fees I was not supposed to then their will be a problem.

  • RJC

    My wife uses European phone. It’s IMEI does not fit Roger’s forms, so they listed it as a rocket stick. Therfore, the ONLY way she can change her MY5 is by calling Rogers on the phone. I dare them to try to redirtect her to web page! Ain’t gonna fly with us.

    My daughter and I both have iPhone 4 and use My Rogers app. It is so much faster and more convenient to change it there. Therefore this change does not affect us two.

  • Decoratedaily

    i so glad i give up on rogers and fido and went to mobilicity. the people at mobilicity are such nice people and they seem to really care about their customers. i would suggest to everyone with rogers give, mobilicity a try, after all you do not have to sign a contract.

  • Rupsubs

    I’ll have to side with Rogers here. It’s actually more convenient to do this oneself via an app – so long as it’s intuitive. It’s a waste of valuable resources to have a rep change numbers for you. This is a non-issue. This is penny-pinching but towards better service for customers with more serious matters.

  • Noahattic

    along with getting more new customers, shouldn’t rogers add more features over customer service rather than take’em out??

    i just blame rogers’ damned website and poor designed app. i never get accurate data usage from them!!! to change my5 no. over these channels just sounds scary!

  • Pure__

    Rogers website has been too slow to be useful since they changed it so this is a terrible idea. Plus many people who have cell phones dont have a PC

  • Chris

    I would never have called them to change the numbers when i can just change it through my iphone app or on my computer. Saves time and money, maybe we can start to see a decline in the rates Rogers is charging. 😉

  • Anonymous

    We are moving to an ever changing self-serve environment. People who have smartphones should be (‘smart’) able to change their My5/10 on their own using online broswer and/or smartphone app. Even the dummy-phones have WAP browser to change their number list. It is a bold move by Rogers and lets hope their customer service wait time is reduce.

  • ML

    Word of advice: when you’re writing an article, make sure to briefly explain what My5 and My10 features are. I’m with Fido, and I have no clue what those are; however, I would still like to understand the news. One or two sentences will make a big difference.

  • Awood

    …until you need to call in anyway to check that you successfully changed the numbers yourself. Or so the article would have you believe…

  • Awood

    …until you need to call in anyway to check that you successfully changed the numbers yourself. Or so the article would have you believe…

  • This wouldn’t be such a big deal if their mobile applications and website were easy to use, reliable, and trustworthy (I can’t say they are or they aren’t because I’m not with Rogers). Hence, if Rogers fixed their information systems and customers could rely on it, we wouldn’t need to talk to the person on the other line.

  • +1

  • Kachryzi

    Yeah. But if you have to call to confirm the change, what’s th difference? If 14 people call in an hour and it takes 2 minutes to change the numbers and confirm or the same amount of time to access the account and confirm…..still means there’s 14 people calling in an hour….