Rogers Customers Disgruntled Over Hidden Policies in New Rewards Program


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David Balcon learned that he should be more careful in reading the fine print after he signed up for a new Rogers rewards program that offered him 1,000 free bonus points.

“My latest bill was higher than it had been for all of this year. After downloading the detailed statement, I discovered that my eight per cent monthly discount for having three Rogers services was not applied.”

Rogers was giving him two points for every dollar Balcon spent on Rogers services. Without him knowing, he was actually spending an extra $9 a month to earn these points.

By signing up for the rewards plan, he didn’t realize that he would loose his Better Choice Bundles discount, a discount that allows Rogers customers to save money if you bundle two or more services together. Here is a snippet from Rogers terms and conditions:

You acknowledge that if you currently participate in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program or other specified discount program, and you are otherwise eligible for the Program, you may enroll in the Program. However, you acknowledge and agree that once you enroll in the Program you will no longer be eligible for any Rogers Better Choice Bundles discount or other applicable discount, and such discount will automatically be discontinued for all Rogers services and accounts under your name as of the start of your next billing cycle. Once you have stopped participating in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program, you will not be able to re-enroll in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program.

When Balcon called customer service they told him the changes he made were “irreversible.” However, they offered him a one time credit on his next bill for losing the discounts.

After Rogers’ spokeswoman Patricia Trott got involved they restored his discount saying he should not have received the email pitch in the first place. Trott said:

“Clearly, we’re not doing a good job of explaining the program to our customers and we need to make some changes.”

Tanya Goldberg, whose BCB discount is 15 percent, luckily avoided losing her discount because she read the terms and conditions beforehand. Bob Kisin, discontent with the lack of transparency in the program, says:

“I’m in the marketing business. I know how few people read those small print agreements and so does Rogers. I also know the low percentage of people who redeem points and I’m willing to bet that Rogers does too.”

Rogers is enrolling new customers automatically into the program and warning existing customers that have a BCB discount who are trying to signup with large print on the signup page saying:

“If you would like to enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program, your Better Choice Bundles discount will be removed from your account at the end of your current billing cycle. Please note, once the Better Choice Bundles discount has been removed from your account, we will not be able to reapply it.”

Rogers is not the first company to try and hide information in the fine print. Let us know below if you were affected.

[via The Star]


  • George55

    I’m glad that I no longer have any Rogers products.

    side note: Nick Salerni you’ve been spelling “losing” with 2 o’s

  • Vikram662

    Never take ANYTHING Rogers does by its face value. They will ALWAYS have some sort of catch involved with every “offer” they have. I’ve been trying to take advantage of their Share Everything offer for weeks now. Every time I call I get told a different reason as to why the rep can’t change my plan and give me what is being advertised on THEIR website. I even had to explain the deal to to some of their reps because they actually had NO IDEA what was being offered on THEIR OWN company website!

    The worst thing a person can be to Rogers is a long term loyal customer as for some reason new customer ALWAYS have it better than us.

  • Jason Reid

    Agreed! Glad I left Rogers 4 Months ago. Still had to use the CCTS and fight them but I quickly won. I hate Rogers and their sneaky agreements!

  • ksingh31

    i actually read that small fine print and agreed, then i realized it was a stupid idea.. so i quickly contacted rogers customer support, and it went on forever, but i finally managed to stop the registration process.

  • Martin

    The link “via The Star” at the end of the article doesn’t link to The Star.

  • bchan

    There’s no such thing as a “loyal customer”. It is just a term they use to make existing customers feel special. Which really sucks.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “we will not be able to reapply it.” Lol, so who’s stopping you Rogers? But I guess writing “we won’t reapply it because we don’t care about you” doesn’t sound as nice.

  • Chad Smith

    So how is it Rogers fault that customers don’t read the terms and conditions? So typical of Rogers customers to refuse to accept responsibility for their choices. There is not a bigger group of whiny, spoiled people on the planet.

  • Nick

    It’s not Rogers fault, they should have presented the information more clearly. Most people don’t take the time to read the terms and conditions, but that’s exactly what Rogers is hoping for.

  • Tom

    It is Rogers fault that the sale rep did not clearly explain the terms and conditions to the customer. The rep should have informed David of this policy once converting over and given him the choice. David also never had the terms and condition contract given to him, since it was stated that he had to download it himself.

  • Nick

    Yes, in that case, the sales rep should have been more clear in explaining the details to the customer.

  • Jason

    Don’t post crap like this like you read every TOS before buying any service. These details are at times too small to catch. The dealers or the rep should make it clear, about what your gaining and what your loosing.

  • Whoops. Fixed, thanks.

  • Fix

    12% not 15%

  • xxxJDxxx

    I can’t believe someone is actually defending the practice of hiding important details in the fine print…

  • dave w

    Left Rogers after my last contract. Will never let them steal from me again. Possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with. Moved to Bell…the lesser of two evils.

  • Lerxt

    Rogers makes the claim that it is a free program when really it isn’t if you’re giving up a discount to get it.