Rogers Expanding ‘Roam Like Home’ Service to Over 35 European Countries, Priced at $10/Day [u]



Today, Rogers Communications announced that they are expanding their popular Roam Like Home service to over 35 European countries.

Rogers customers will be able to talk, text, and use their data outside of Canada and the United States for the first time starting on April 15. The service will cost $10 per day and users will be able to use their existing plan while travelling to Europe without worrying about additional roaming charges. President and CEO of Rogers Communications Guy Laurence said:

“Canadians used to be afraid to use their devices when travelling – it was just too complicated and they were worried about their bills. Six months ago we fixed this with a unique technology called ROAM LIKE HOME and over a million of our customers are enrolled to use it. They are now using their phone in the U.S. just like they would at home. Given how much customers love ROAM LIKE HOME in the U.S. it made sense to expand it so now our customers can use it in over 35 European countries.”

Customers who travel to Europe will pay $10 per day when roaming in an eligible country and will only be charged up to a maximum of $100 (10 days) each month. If you are already enrolled in Roam Like Home U.S. you don’t have to do anything to be able to use the service in Europe. The only difference between the U.S. version of the service and the European version is the price.


Rogers conducted a survey and found that 60 percent of Canadians do not use their phones the same way they do at home when travelling to Europe. The biggest barrier for most people is the cost of roaming and the confusion of how roaming charges work. The Canadian carrier hopes that the new Roam Like Home service for Europe will solve this problem.

Update: Rogers has sent us a list of the 35 countries below:

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Luxembourg, Monaco, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Albania,  Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Iceland, Montenegro, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira, Vatican City


  • tdotpawel

    Is there a list of which 35 countries this includes?

  • Andre

    The idea is good, but it does not compete with having an unlocked phone and spending 10-15 Euros for a SIM with a GB of data and lots of minutes. It’s simply too expensive for this day and age. Nice try though.

  • Less than half the daily cost for a whole lot more with Roam Mobility. Better then it used to be, but still far from the best option.

  • Riddlemethis

    RM works in europe????

  • Riddlemethis

    most people use wifi now and some form of voip app making it almost pointless to have this service in europe.

  • Riddlemethis

    can you name 35 countries?

  • Riddlemethis

    The fact is that Roam Like Home is not available to many on the Rogers network, especially those who are post paid and have corporate plans.

  • No, referencing the US side of roam like home which was also mentioned in the article. For Europe, I agree with others however – get your handset unlocked and buy a local sim for still a fraction of the cost of roam like home, with again…more to offer for it.

  • Mac

    I suppose the advantage is that you keep your number? So its is easier for people to reach you.

  • Nick

    Rogers didn’t provide a list of the 35 countries. That list should be available on April 15th when the service launches.

  • Tyler

    I go to Europe about twice a year for 2 weeks a at a time and I have found that it’s cheapest to buy an iPad SIM card and put it in my iPhone. For about $28 CDN I get 10GB of data for 2 weeks with the carrier 3 in Sweden. Obviously, data only might not work for some, but I’ve never had an issue since almost everyone has a smart phone. When I go to the United States I use Roam Mobility – you just can’t beat the deal they offer.

    Rogers won’t allow me to use their Roam like Home feature because I have the grandfathered $60/mo 200 min, unlimited texts and 6 GB data plan.

  • Jason

    Yes! I think that way when I get a travel package through Telus. I can pay less by using Roam Mobility, but then if people try to text or call the Roam Mobility assigned # they get charged long distance fees. I’d figure I make it easier for them by me paying more to use my own #. I wish Telus had the roam like home feature. Their travel packages are ok.

  • I got a sim and a one month data and voice plan for under $50 in France last summer. This is still too expensive.

  • runner

    Or bring your unlocked phone without Canadian sim and spend $10 for data + talk, like I did on my trip to Spain. Amazing how much cheaper service is when you leave the country.

  • Sandrewb

    $10 a day ($140-2weeks) is a huge rip off, even $5 is too much compared to having an unlocked phone. I paid 10 euros in the UK for 1 GB and unlimited voice (although I just have everyone text me and FaceTime at the hotel). And $30CDN in China for the same. Funny how they try and make it sound like a good deal.

  • troll

    dude, its max $100 per bill cycle and US is max $50…theres nothing even close to comparable

  • DoctorT

    So for 5 days of this “Roam like home” you could have just unlocked your phone (for 50$) and spent much less on a local sim.

  • CanucksGoals

    I usually like to be the one to go on rage mode when it comes to Big 3 but I would read the full detail first. There’s a cap on the charge and there’s no other provider in Canada at the moment that come close to this price if you happen to travel to Europe/US.

  • CanucksGoals

    People pay for convenience and easy of use. That’s why some of us use iPhones.

    Also you will be able to keep using the same number so families or business partners can reach you is another plus.

    What I don’t get is why they don’t have this for Fido.

  • Zeke

    If I was with Rogers I’d go for Roam like Home in a heartbeat. Awesome! Talk about convenience.

  • BullD

    ever come out of your parent’s basement in Brampton?

  • Rogers emailed us the list–updated.

  • Riddlemethis

    eeeew. you’re from brampton and live in your parents’ basement? i feel sorry for you.