Rogers: iPhone 4 Stock Available on Saturday


If you haven’t gotten your hands on an iPhone 4 yet, it is becoming quite the challenge to acquire one. People have been waiting in line at the Apple Stores here in Vancouver, hoping that stocks have arrived for unlocked iPhones.

If you’re looking for an iPhone 4 from Rogers, today is the day you should go visit your local Rogers Store (or dealer), if they’re lucky to get some stock. Why? Because they just announced it on the Rogers Redboard. Here’s the info they posted:

UPDATE (August 6, 2010, 8:58 AM 2:45 PM) Rogers is receiving a new shipment of iPhone 4, which will be available in limited supply in some retail locations starting on Monday, August 9 Saturday, August 7.  In the meantime, Apple retail stores may have inventory available for both new customers and existing Rogers customers  upgrading to iPhone 4.

Since iPhone 4 activations were really slow on launch day thanks to Rogers systems slowing down, this might be the time to get your iPhone 4. More Rogers iPhone 4 info here:

Thanks @davhacq for the tweet!


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  • Whatever

    Does that apply to Fido as well?

  • radiopearl

    This doesn't make any sense

    “….will be available in limited supply in some retail locations starting on Monday, August 9 Saturday, August 7.”

    you'd think Saturday would be first.

  • Eren

    I want an answer to this too!
    There probably is none though 🙁
    Just have to wait and see tomorrow 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • jer

    monday was crossed out in the original, copy/paste drops the strikethrough

  • radiopearl

    Got it, thanks.

  • Andrew

    According to the Fido twitter account (@Fidomobile), yes it does. But they say in LIMITED quantities. Meaning they'll probably get between 5 and 15 phones a store. Your best bet will still be the Apple Store, for now, as they are receiving the bulk of the iPhone shipments.

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  • Whatever

    I know… At this point I'm starting to think I have more of a chance of discovering I have an evil twin than of getting my hands on an iPhone 4…

  • Whatever


  • Luke-the-duke_22

    Hey guys quick question,

    If you buy a unlocked iPhone 4 can you take it to Rogers (for example) and just get a 30 voice plan without data ?

    Thanks so much.

  • Jordan

    I believe most Fido locations have about 9 phones per order.

  • Andrew

    Yes you can, but be wary of using data without a data plan, because if you don't have one, Rogers charges ridiculous rates on the data – and things like Visual Voicemail, GPS, etc etc all use data, so you'll be somewhat limited in what you can do with your phone. Though there is an option to turn off data completely in iOS 4.

    But yes, it's doable.

  • E.G.

    But what about Best Buy or Wireless Wave? Same?

  • Luke

    Thanks Andrew !

  • Ex

    Yes but you might as well do it all at Apple.

  • Mitchell R.

    Man I hate Bell.

  • Don

    Why buy an iPhone 4 if your not going to use the data? Might as well save yourself $750/$880 depending on what model you get and buy an iPod Touch or wait for the new iPod. You get the same features minus the phone obviously and you can just stick to a cheap $20-$30 “dumb phone” plan, would a heluva lot cheaper.

  • Tim

    The iPhone is still way better than an iPod touch and the prices are 650/750 vs 219-430 for the touch. so the difference is more like 350ish. For that you get the camera (about 100$ as a seperate device for HD video and an ok video camera). You get a phone (lets say 100$ too, since it includes facetime and touchscreen keyboard for sms). The processor is also fast (lets say you value at 50$). So that brings the difference to about 100$ to merge them into one device+retina display. I would never pay 650$ for a phone unless I had that kind of money (student atm so no chance), but it's not that bad of an idea. Also, the resale value for an unlocked IP4 will likely be pretty good. A smartphone with no data is still wayyyy better than a dumbphone especially if you have access to Wifi. I don't get the whole no data=pointless argument. I didn't have data on my 3G and it was fine. Now I'm planning on getting data.

  • Babyrocky1

    Sorry lol it’s in an old post as un update

    I called 3 stores and they are annoyed at the calls as usual but I’m not sure what they expect us to do…. I myself tried on launch date to get one but the store only had 8 and a few people bought more than 1 so I was out of luck.. I am so annoyed at how rogers has handled this whole thing!! Not to mention I found one store on Tuesday with one phone they had been “Holing” for someone since that launch on Friday….

  • Sevael

    Shipments don't come in on Saturdays. These stores would have had to have to stock arrive on Friday and held it, which makes no sense. If you have the product, you sell it. It's going to sell out whether it's for sale on Friday or Saturday.

    I'll believe it when I see it. If some stock magically appears at the local Rogers outlets this morning, I'll eat my hat. 🙂 And then we'll know that they've been holding out on us, because shipping services don't run on the weekend.

  • bR

    The $30/6GB plan isn't gonna end till 30Sep, no rush in getting up early on a Sat to hope for those 5 iPhones they may or maynot have.

  • jdinner

    Apple Store and all other iPhone4 vendors in the Sherway Gardens mall in Toronto are sold out. Apple told me to try again on Monday afternoon.

  • Dennisg

    spoke to rogers on the phone why the blog is full of bs and they said that if its not they cant help spoke to a manager and she said redboard is not whats a blog? then she said that it dont state what stores and since i called them all in toronto and went in a few stores and asked and noone knew nothing she said maybe not toronto the blogg dont state what stores are getting stock so no one can help keep looking

  • Dennisg

    lol has to be to hold them responsible

  • John

    Incredibly disappointed. Limited quanitites should at least mean 1 phone in at least 1 store in Halifax I would think right? Apparently no one anywhere got any in, at least of the places I've checked. Ridiculous.

  • Louis

    Rogers Store Yorkdale, 5 people, no phones (yet?)

  • “Since iPhone 4 activations were really slow on launch day thanks to Rogers systems slowing down”


    Don't you mean:

    “Since iPhone activations were virtually impossible on launch day thanks to Rogers systems folding like a deck of cards and being COMPLETELY useless”?

    I can't believe more people haven't dragged Rogers through the mud for this – it's just been glossed over or seemingly forgotten by many of the blogs and forums. At this point Rogers won't even bother actually fixing the problem for the NEXT launch since apparently nobody cared!

  • AndyF

    If anyone is at the Sherway Apple store could you please let us know if they have any stock and if so how many?

  • Michael

    I'm thinking of going unlocked as I am not currently tied to a contract (lucky me). The thing that bother me is that I will still be paying the same money as somebody who buys the phone on a contract and gets a $500 discount. Yes, I know about the advantages: higher resale value, using local sim cards abroad, etc., but still…

    But… when I can get a data-only plan (no voice) and use skype instead, I could save money, right? Does anybody know if any carrier offer such data-only plans?

  • Hyperextension

    You've never heard of or seen the checking box on literally all waybills “Saturday Delivery”. I get shipments regularily on Saturdays.

  • Luca

    Is apple still receiving iphones, im planing on going by the end of the week do u think they still will have in stock.

  • MR

    I don't get off work until 3:30 today… what are my chances of finding a 32GB iPhone for Rogers in the GTA? Anyone who has checked, please update this thread.

  • GamingSV

    Call most of them… no iphones in stock

  • Thewickedest

    you should just order online and when they have it theyll ship to you, thats what i did

  • Mac

    Anybody know when bell stores in the gta or the kawarthas get any iphones

  • Guest

    did they say not yet or not at all today??

  • Derek

    Went to Rogers Bloor and Jarvis – none in stock

  • MasterclassLady

    Can you do the reverse – just data and no voice plan? Thanks

  • MickeyKnox9

    Does anyone know when Telus will be getting a shipment?
    I live in Toronto and no where seems to have any.
    Telus just finally added on the upgrade to my account….I just have to find a phone now…

  • Sevael

    I've never heard of such a thing. Never seen UPS or DHL or anyone delivering on a Saturday, ever. Just checked an old waybill of mine, nothing about a Saturday on there, only M-F.

  • draz

    The stores should of opened up early…. Like the Bloor & Jarvis location which opened up at 6am, processed all upgrade activations without calling the call center and nearly everyone was done in no time.

  • HuhHuh

    I called at all Rogers store in Montreal and none of them received any… (one even answered : we didn't receive any yet even if theres rumors on the web telling so… haha)

  • Goldor

    Just called my local Telus store, they told me that they don't have any. However, since launch day (on which they received 15 units), they have received only one other shipment of TWO units!

    Guess I won't have one anytime soon…

    I'm still on their call wait list though.

  • Michael

    well, it seems I can’t use the ipad data plan for the iphone:
    any other ideas? does rogers provide data-only plans?

  • Babyrocky1

    I just went to rogers redbord and there is no post saying that – I guess they took it down??

  • Louis

    Latest word, via @DarthSeeder, is that the Yorkdale store expects a shipment at 1pm or some such. Not guarranteed for all stores, and they only expect 3-4 phones. As there are already at least four people on a waiting list (I'm first), try other stores either this afternoon, or if the shipment date means Rogers' warehouse, then try again tomorrow or Monday. Good luck everyone. Watch my Twitter account, @4Lou for any other updates I can offer. 😉

  • Louis


  • Rjam

    None at the Rogers Plus store at St Vital Center in Winnipeg.

  • GamingSV

    They didn't even know they were “supposed” to get iPhones today… They were like ??? when i told them about it.

  • As usual the stores find out last. Some stores are now telling people they are getting some later today.

    Has anyone found any stock this morning?

  • Ex

    For an iPad SIM you can.

  • Eren

    Anyone in london ontario get one yet?
    I NEED ONE!!!!!!

  • gtasscarlo

    You can get an iPad data plan bell or Rogers micro sim and get 5 gb for 35 bucks data only and it's pay as you go

  • Louis

    Couldn't confirm this at the Yorkdale store. Still holding out for later today…

  • TSi SPY 007

    Anybody get one through Bell or Wireless Wave (Bell) yet?? :O)

  • TSi SPY 007

    I was already on the local Bell store's waiting list and passed by last Wed to check and the girl goes, “I do have a 32gig”, so I thought “great, I'll take it” but she says “but it's only for new activations”… wtf? I asked her how come a return Bell customer in good standing wanting to sign a 3 year contract can't have it and she tells me it's their policy… what kinda policy is that? Is she $h!ttin me??

  • Rjam

    None at the Rogers Plus store in St Vital Center in Winnnipeg. he said 2-4 weeks and hadnt heard anything about getting stock this weekend. I call BS

  • Dennisg

    rogers finally put mine in the mail its coming monday its sitting in ups warehouse in concord no shipping today

  • Tim

    Rumor is Fake no shipments this weekend. I've looked at every post here and Howard's forum and there is no evidence other than 1-2 people saying Yorkdale might get 2-3 by airmail (Which was not part of the rumor which suggested stock from Friday put on Saturday). So the rumor is fake, stock at Rogers/Fido is still the same it was…Out of stock. Going to stop by my local Fido Reseller (in Vancouver) and see what they say, but on the phone they said no stock today.

  • NoIphone4me

    How did you get one by mail??

  • BGMK

    Yes, but I waited for like 4 hours in front of the Rogers store at White Oaks….I was the 3rd one in line.

  • Louis

    If looking for iPhone 4 with Bell or Virgin, The Source at both Eaton Centre Toronto & Yorkdale has them in stock. (Bell-only for Yorkdale)

  • Dennisg

    after not getting one on launch day due to upgrade computer problems my iphone did not come up in the list of phone i was allowed to upgrade to on sales central so i called in and they said theyll ship it took a week but its coming jus tracked it again its not leaving ups concord ontario till monday

  • Dennisg

    everyones iphones are most likely held up in the big ups warehouse in concord

  • ben

    Yep, got one on launch day at Westmount, was first there.

  • Jkrot

    Between 9am and noon, went to two stores and called two others in Ottawa. They all had no iphones. Some of rogers reps didn't even know about redboard.

  • Turbo_mazda06

    I agree with you, I just called 13 different rogers locations, and each and every one gave me the exact same answer, (eastern ontario) (west quebec) .. we will not be recieving any stock for 3 weeks, when quoting there own red board, they told me they are un aware of this, and was told someone may have hacked the site.. lmfao… how ridiculous ehh

  • Dennisg

    rogers cs claims it has to come from rogersdotcom to be taken seriously said i was standing in lines cause i wanted too

  • Amalakiman

    not true, not here anyway. The Rogers stores, Future Shop and Wireless Wave stores I spoke to said that they don't receive shipments on Saturdays.
    Monday perhaps?

  • Radar

    I tried 5 stores in surrey, none had stock, all argued with me that they are supposed to get stock today, and all refused to call me if they got stock. Thanks Rogers!

  • L537p

    Hey guys I'm and I started all of this when I @ replied /rogers Keith to thank him for the transparency on launch day. After which he annouced iPhones on Saturday instead of the initial Friday which was apparently changed by apple last minute. Before I say this I've got to say last year when this exact same thing happened I could have almost kissed @Rogerskeith boots for being so helpfull. And I think he's still just ad valuable… But after having spoken to my old uni friend who works in copertino ca with apple here is what I got. He badicaly said their flooded they barely know where their iPhones are going for teer two launch and to think of it as a craps shoot whether your getting one or not. Thankfully he's hooking me up cause he was saying it's gona be same as last year in other words ur getting your phone like next month unless you can drop everything and drive to a store as soon as the delivery comes in.

  • Mike

    Learn how to spell and string together coherent sentences and maybe your comment will make a little sense. Thanks for nothing!

  • i use rogers Data plan and it renews it self every 30 days. or if you use up your 5Gb which ever comes first. the data dose not carry over to the next month. what a shame…

  • El

    I been to a couple stores in the Scarborough area and the rep said they got emails about it but don't know when today it will come because Saturdays aren't delivery days.

  • Speakersarethebest

    Im in the same situation

  • L537p

    Watch out grammar police, next time I'll break out my notebook so I can get the spelling right for you. Get a life I think my iPhone does just fine for loosers like you. For everyone else good luck I feel your pain.

  • S_g321

    If you guys really want an iPhone 4, you have to understand that NEW customers to each providor will get dibs. Forget all this nonsense of waitlists and what not. I have worked for a dealer when the orginal iPhone launched. If a customer was simply upgrading or renewing there was not much in terms of money coming in. The big money for individual stores is for new customer account activations.

    Case and point– I have been with Telus for 4 years. Decided to waitlist with them and I am #61… Headed to Fido told them I was a new customer and wanted to activate an iPhone. At the time they're waitlist was 82 people and magically I was told I would be squeezed in the first 5 units they get.

    So, if you really want one ASAP– look at switching carriers and don't forget to mention your a new customer– money is always a great incentive for them!

  • Mister_totoro

    None of the Fido stores, Apple store, Best Buy or Future Shop I visited had any iphone 4 stock today. What a waste of time.

  • Mister_totoro

    This runaround was in Calgary, by the way, just so others in Cowtown don't have to waste their time too!

  • annoyedapplefan

    I checked all around Calgary today as well – first Apple Market Mall and then Several Fido and Rogers (once I read here about the “saturday” delivery)- and nothing. Definitely no deliveries here. Another corporate lie.

  • Oh well darn! Thanks so much Ex!

  • Eren

    I wasted 4 hours at masonville london today, thats a waste of time!!! lmao

  • St Alphonzo

    No Rogers sales reps have a clue, most dont know what redboard is, most are in the dark as to when the phones will come in..last but not least..most are pissy about having to talk about the iphone 4 all day to costomers who want one…My advice…wait till september..the package deal lasts until the 30th of said month anyway..
    I have given up on Rogers for now..along with their crummy customer support..

  • Calliope

    Best bet is an Apple Store methinks. Not very useful for people who aren't near one, sorry but I think they're the only place getting consistent stock. I think Oakridge is out again right now but I'd try them or Pacific Monday if you're in Vancouver. Otherwise, the Fido next to me has had an 'IPHONE 4 SOLD OUT' sign up since the afternoon of the launch.

    I think you might only be in luck if you want one with Virgin. They had some yesterday. MAYBE Bell.

  • Ktm530rocks

    NUFF SAID…:)

  • Last Rogers rep that got “pissy” with me. I reminded him that his just is customer service, and if he can't serve his customers in a respectable way I can easily fix that by having him removed from his job. Trust me, it will fix his attitude in a heart beat. Also having a video capture of his attitude helps too :P. I dont stand for ignorance, I teach people I will be one to be respected ^_~ works well

  • iLoveMYiP4

    Ok people let me just say this. If you are looking for a phone think outside the box. Remember that stores like cellular point carry these iPhone 4s and most people don't think to check there. Try futureshop, bestbuy, the source, Canadian Tire(select stores that have a mobile section like at McCowan and Sheppard in Scarborough) or call a Walmart Supercenter people the iPhone 4 is out there you just gotta find it. These places set it up for upgrade price. I went to futureshop the day after launch and they had 1 left. They set it all up and even gave me my new 6GB for $30 feature and it cost me $269 for my 32GB iPhone 4.

  • Canuckdaneh

    Am I the only one who finds this iPhone4 launch pathetic? I know it's a popular phone but honest to god Apple, could you know have ensured a better inventory before launching it? There are no surprises here. The phone is virtually impossible to get anywhere. The Apple stores that do get shipments sell out right away. I've waited in line twice and got turned away because they either run out of 32 gigs or their activation appointments are booked for the rest of the day and you can only buy the phone unlocked bla bla bla. After three years, they can't get this right? I think they should have delayed the launch with a release that actually offered an ample supply for everyone who wants one instead of this staggered release where a few lucky people who camp out at the Apple stores can get one (or two!). I guess the thing that irritates me about the wait is that iSO4 has pretty much turned my current 3G into a snail that I want to throw off my balcony, lol Thanks Apple, thanks

  • Oscar9

    Saturday 3pm: no iphones in Vancouver so far.

  • St Alphonzo

    Thats all fine and dandy…But the ultimate question is…Now that the work day is done for rogers, how many of us got their phones today?
    I think i know the answer…:S

  • Vancity

    is it just me or are other people getting NO SERVICE on their iphone 4 with telus?

  • Chiefsparten

    no shipments to any rogers stores in Brantford Ontario today

  • Welcome to telus. I have a telus phone that's been reduced to the lowest price. Moves to Rogers for that reason. Bad service when it comes to reception strength indoors. (in my area)

  • Fake

    Wrong! They aren't out there at all…depends where you live. In Vancouver they don't exist.

  • You are the one whos wrong my friend. There is a place here in surrey called the phonebooth they had 2 when I was there yesterday. The place is such a hole in the wall no one bothered to look. I already have one so I really didn't care, but there is some out there. If your willing to look, you will find. Admitting there is none just means you have given up

  • Amalakiman

    I think the iphone 4 launch has been so slow from:
    1. the white iphone issue, not being able to release the white ones due to manufacturing complications
    2. the antenna issue; being that Apple has said they will supply owners with a bumper to help with the “bridging” that is happening.
    You watch the market get flooded after Sept 30, which I think is the deadline for people to apply for the Apple supplied bumper cases.

  • Dennisg

    omg same thing here it drops to one bar in my house when im holding it

  • Dennisg

    even when u go in and out the subway it takes time to pick 3g back up

  • Oscar9

    For those who have a iPhone 4 with Rogers, is the reception issue a real issue?

  • In low reception area yes. In high reception no.

  • Gerry18

    Yeah, none of the stores where I live have any or gotten any stock since the launch. What's makes matters worst is that the staffs, whether it's Bell, Rogers, etc. are upset giving out the same answers to customers. Wouldn't it be simple to just put out a sign saying “No iPhone 4's in stock?”

    Probably best to just wait awhile when the madness is over then you can get your phone.

  • Gerry18

    Or just go to another store or have someone else do the customer service for you. That's what I do.

  • God's Moustache

    I just sent off an email to Fido critical of their customer support on the iphone 4. I suggested a simple “waiting list” approach where you apply for what you want and they call you when it is available, thus saving the daily running around and the swamped Fido reps at their stores. Maybe an email stating where you are in the lineup? All this rumour and whatnot regarding iphone 4 stock has left a bad taste in my mouth. I understand supply far outstrips demand at this time and have not the time to spend in line after line, early in the morning or late at night. Therefore, I relegate myself to wait, but I would like a small amount of idea of where I am in that imaginary line.

  • Jdmcivic_2004

    i can say that today in Mississagua, there its no shippment for iphone4. i been to all the rogers store in mississauga today. “YES” drived all day long start from 8am to 4pm, but no luck. suck to be rogers customer 🙁

  • It's a great idea. But in the end we customers are just commoners. Your email will most likely tossed in the trash, giving you the automated “thanks for your concerns, here's a like to the FAQs” in the end we are just cockroaches who throw Money in the air, our opinions dont matter to the big wigs lol.

  • I heard a rumor on an episode of Buzz Out Loud that the September cut off for bumper cases was that the iPhones produced after that date will have a bumper supplied in the box.

  • MR

    Sounds like the story was bullshit; no new Rogers iPhones anywhere. One store told me the low-stock situation won't improve for several months.

  • Tyler

    I'm with TELUS and I haven't had a single issue with my iPhone 4 losing service, I live in a city that gets really good reception with telus tho, at least from my experience anyway. Usually have full bars or close to it.

  • MR

    Does anyone know if there's any Rogers stock in the Niagara region? I'll be down there tomorrow morning.

  • Supera

    yea same for me

  • I'm sure telus is good for some, that's why I put (in my area) I live in the delta side of surrey, and inside I get 2 bars at best, outside is fine. My telus phone is useless in anyones house. Just how it goes I guess heh

  • Zanteogo

    I so agree.

    I don't like playing phone hunt. Many customers are going to start moving to other smart phones soon. At this rate most of us will be lucky to have the phone by next year.

  • Zanteogo

    Why should we have to play phone hunt to get a phone.

    At this rate, they will never come close to matching demand. Customers are going to start to pickup other smart phones.

  • Then buy an android. You don't have to play phone hunt. But if you want it bad enough you will. They will stock i4s quickly, because all companies like to boast how many sales per month. Running out of stock is bad for those numbers.

    So options are. Keep looking, wait for restock, or move to another phone ^_^

  • I was at Visions (on marine dr in Vancouver) today and I got talking to a sales rep there (telus & bell) – they had iphone 4s until yesterday, they were selling very slow there as nobody realized they had any. He also said that he is hoping for more to come in on Monday.

  • Eren

    I found many with virgin mobile and 1 with bell at wireless wave whiteoaks but no fido!!! or rogers

  • Nobigdeal

    Maily due to impatience? Just order online and wait for 3 weeks. it will be delivered to your house. No need to go hunt or wait in line.

  • kness

    I understand your point of view, but as a marketer I also understand Apple's.

    What Apple is doing is creating scarcity- which is a well known and successful marketing strategy. 95% of people who are hunting for the Iphone from store to store are unlikely to give up and buy another brand. The more people you have running around and trying to find your product, the more hype it gets, the more hype, the more brand awareness, etc. etc…

  • Itunesbrian

    On July 30th I nearly got an iPhone 4. I went to the UofT bookstore in Toronto. That location got 7 phones! SEVEN! I was the 7th person in line, and waited 20 minutes before I finally found out that they inadvertently didn't bother to get Fido SIM cards. I have Fido dollars so I have to stay with Fido. Since July 30th, I've gone to many locations looking for an iPhone 4 to no avail. Everyday I visit the UofT book store (since I work nearby). The sales staff seem to get annoyed when I ask if they have got them in yet, or remind them to order Fido SIM cards. What do they expect, when there is no other way to find out if they have them, because they don't post information on their web site or in the store saying anything? How else can I know, unless I ask?? What bothers me about this release as compared to 2 years ago, is that I cannot place an order online or by phone with my cell phone provider. I have to play a cat and mouse game of trying to find a location where (apart from being annoyed at me asking for iPhone 4s) is them actually having one. I've said to the Fido customer service reps (on the phone, and in their stores), that I work for a living. I don't have time to hunt for this phone. How am I supposed to get one if by the time I show up they're all sold out. I just get a shrug or a “I dunno” look, from an employee that is either too annoyed that I've interrupted their social life, or they are too afraid to actually bad mouth their incompetent managers who concocted this farcical release (for fear of getting fired for speaking the truth). No one wants to tell you when iPhone 4 shipments will be coming in, nor will they hold one for you if they did get them in. Apple has seriously botched this release in my mind. I've been using Apple products since 1992, and this iPhone 4 release is the worst roll-out of a product I've ever seen from them. For the first time I'm actually furious with the management. What could they have been thinking, when they decided to TORTURE their customers in this way! I would really like an apology from Apple for the mess that they have created with this release. I hate to say this… but Apple has turned into Micro-crap, in that they have become arrogant and indifferent towards their customers! If not then why on earth would they treat us like this?

  • What's funny about your very long post is near the end you go on to say how can they treat their customers this way. After that being said your still looking for the phone daily. Thats how they can, because people come back regardless. Also I don't think apple is to blame here. They did order lots, just an amazing turn out of customers showed up. Yea pre orders would have been nice, but they want to make money, so you can bet they are building them as fast as they can to get you peoples money again heh.

  • mNad

    ….order it online if you want to spend $800 bucks! I wish, oh I wish, there was a way to order the subsidized hardware upgrade online. 🙁 I suppose I need to just pretend the phone doesn't exist for ANOTHER month (maybe more)….

  • Omegaphi

    Today I bought a droid X, all I can say is apple won't be number 1 for long. This thing frikin rocks, android is suprisingly awesome. Feels just like iPhone ui wise has a wicked big screen and isn't locked down. I was worried about apps but totaly not a problem. Even if I didn't have apps the browser experience is so much better I would still do it knowing what I know now. My 3gs screen is so crapy compared to this I can't beleive I was concidering upgrading to a smaller screen with iPhone 4.

  • L537p

    People if you had enough of these shinanigans and are about to buy unlocked. Spend ur 800 on a droid x trust me.

  • Spambait

    You know, you could have saved yourself 8 hours and a tank of gas by just calling all the Rogers stores in your region. They're not going to lie to you if they have any iPhone4's in stock. They may not hold one for you, but at least you can learn which stores you can cross off your list.

  • I admit the droid x looks awesome. But I'm very happy with my i4 right now. Perhaps one of my friends will get one and I can give it a test drive. Always open to possibilities

  • L537p

    Agree 100%, not to mention it would be better to not offer mass subsidized sales of handsets. Makes the quarterly look mighty crappy for a public company. Also logicaly concidering this has happened now for three years and every year is the same story. No one is in a rush to fix this… Also why does everyother carrier have iPhone 4 more often than Rogers. It's as though apple forgot that like 90% of iPhone customers are on Rogers because of past exclusivity. What I wouldn't do for at&t's exclusivity right now we all have iPhones.

  • Canuckdaneh

    I too understand the marketing strategies used by companies to create hype and increase desirability for their new products. At some point however, you have to get these products in people's hands so they can show their friends hands on the benefits and advantages of owning it. I'm not concerned about the Apple fans who will search to no end until they find their iPhone. The problem I foresee is those casual shoppers who are sitting on the fence thinking about switching to an iPhone. They go play with it at the Apple store, like it and then find out you have to wait two months before you can even find one that's available to purchase. So, instead of waiting, they say f#ck it, and go buy their Samsung or BB or whatever. At some point, the waiting strategy doesn't work for everyone. Apple is notorious for not being able to stock new products. I couldn't even buy their battery recharger at the Apple store this weekend because surprise surprise, they were “sold out”. They can't even stock their battery rechargers? Come on Apple, give me a break!

  • Rüster

    Telus reception in North Delta SUCKS!!! I am a Telus customer and as soon as I moved out of Delta my cell reception improved ten fold!

  • Rüster

    I spend an hour this morning calling all the Rogers dealer, Wireless Waves, Best Buy and Future Shops. Nobody had stock today.

  • Itunesbrian

    You call 7 phones at the UofT book store “lots”??? I also phoned the Fido Kiosk at First Canadian Place. They only got 7 phones too. Do you have any idea how many people work in the First Canadian Place and surrounding bank towers? 7 phones for that many people??? Apple is playing games.

  • Zanteogo

    Like you said, pre orders would be nice. Many don't mind waiting, but don't like having to do a daily phone hunts just to have a chance of getting one in the next few months.

    Carriers are to blame for that.

  • L537p

    Yea man not to mention 42gb of storage and more efficient playing tunes than 3gs.

  • Not that I would give mine up. But without shiny rock syndrome clouding your judgement how would it stack up to my i4?

  • The iPhone 4 has been the biggest “revision” of the iPhone since…forever. The design from the first iPhone to the iPhone 3G/3GS was quite minimal. For people who have held out from an iPhone until now, this is THE right time to buy. This probably explains why demand for this phone has been so high worldwide. Throw in the factory unlocked units from Apple Stores and you have an easy shortage.

    Just wait and be patient, more stock will come. Of course, that's easy for me to say since I waited in line for 13 hours to get mine on launch! 😉

  • L537p

    Congrats on the iPhone 4 honestly screen size. I could not imagine how much better a 4.3 inch screen is compared to iPhone. I mean the screen could be etch a sketch bigger is def better. The os is what supprised me though and build quality. I assumed lack of apps + lousy os+ lack of storage+ crappy music player storage space and build quality would be a problem. The thing replaced my ipad for god sakes it can't be much longer before people realize all if this. Happy you got an iPhone kinda suprised to see that my one @ reply to Rogers Keith made people line up at stores though. Not my fault but sorry everyone

  • Heh well I'm glad your happy with it. I do want to give one a test drive some time. One that that worries me about the droids is I have read a lot of posts, and one of my friends has an older droid to confirm this. And that is apparently droids don't get as great os updates as apple products. Basically the way it's shipped is the way it will always be, for the exception of the odd security patches. I hope in your case that won't be a problem.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you got a good phone you line ^_^

  • Macroy

    Isnt the Droid X only CDMA (Verizon)? Which means it wont work with Rogers or the new Telus and Bell network.

  • Ellcrys3

    I totally agree! You think they would figure out a better way; and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who's ready to launch my 3G after the OS4 was put on it! I can't believe the slowness and the amount of times it just freezes now!

    It's driving me nuts. And the lack of information at Rogers and Future Shop is crazy. They don't know when their getting it, they don't know how many etc, etc. And Rogers is the only one NOT allowing online orders. I wish I had the money to buy out my contract.

  • Fordomatic

    The Rogers Redboard is moderated and they censor your posts. You won't be able to criticize them very much because if you do, they won't put up your post. There were posts that stated that Bell and Telus are allowing you to order online and they were allowed to pass through the moderators but I know several folks that posted they are switching to Bell or Telus because they can at least order the phone online and just wait for it to arrive… these posts never made it on to the Redboard. I had 2 of my posts censored and there was not one piece of unprofessional language in my posts except the fact that I am 11th in line at a Bell corporate store (Paid $50 deposit and they will CALL ME if and when the phone arrives). If the phone comes in to the Bell Store and I have not had the ability to either 1) order online from Rogers or 2) get a phone I am switching back to Bell and be glad to pay the ECF to get rid of Rogers. Better the devil I know, than the devil I don't (was with Bell for 12 years and switched to Rogers 2 years ago for the iphone 3G).

  • xywix

    just called rogers & they said the company got some but they wont b released to stores till sometime next week :S

  • I meant the apple store in question. The little side stores are nothing

  • Drichards85

    Ok, so I want a new iPhone 4 just as bad as anyone else here, but seriously you gotta know that Apple is doing exactly what is best for their product. Building hype. Short supply during the release period is what keeps people talking about the product. In a couple of weeks there's going to be plenty of iPhones for everyone. This is all about publicity. I wouldn't be surprised is the white iPhone is ready now too and they're just delaying it for more hype. Besides, when they're activation appointments are booked for the day, guess what? That means you're not the only person who wants to buy this phone. It's not just a popular phone. IT'S THE MOST POPULAR PHONE ON THE MARKET. Stores are selling out wicked fast. Jobs himself said that iPhone 4 has been Apple's “most successful product launch ever.” EVER! You can't even compare this to the 3G launch 'cause iPhone 4 has sold way more units. Probably more than 10X during launch period. And it's still in it's launch phase. Anyways point is Apple was prepared, and they want you to go crazy cause you can't find it anywhere. Anyone remember the whole Furby thing. No one could buy it anywhere and people were going nuts. That's just consumerism for ya. If you don't like it, move to a third world country.

  • Canuckdaneh

    Move to a third world country you recommend? Gee, I never thought of that! Thanks 🙂

  • Zanteogo

    You can pre-order with Bell and Telus?????

    Well crap, and I'm with Rogers.

  • Steve

    This entire thing is a charade! Im getting really annoyed at the stupid smiles I get from Rogers/Best Buy/Future Shop employess when I ask if the have any iphones in stock. I mean whats the big bloody secret here?! I just want a freakin iphone!! My cell is now broke and I NEED a phone NOW! I've waited 2 weeks to get one of these stupid phones, only to get the run around from everyone and anyone. Im waiting 2 more days then Im moving on to another smart phone. Its so rediculous…I honestlty dont understand this. Everyone says that not having any starts a buzz and gets people talking about it, which is what apple wants. I just hope that more people are like me and just say screw it, and get an alternative!

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  • Electro

    Hey, there should be an app for that! It should tell you in realtime where hte iPhones are, and guide you to them… assuming you have a previous-generation iPhone already 🙂

  • Daniel Faraday

    I couldn't agree more! I was quite hesitant after the whole “antenna-gate” crisis; but i was going to purchase a case regardless to protect my 159CAD investment

    But i feel as if Rogers Employees are whoring them out to known friends and associates; i've called every Rogers store in a 50km radius everyday and all of them preach that it's sold out and they have intel as to when it'll be available …. this is unbelievably sad and pathetic!

  • Zanteogo

    If this is some sort of trick by Apple then it will back fire.

    Causing a shortage at first can increase demand and long term sales… but when there are OTHER nice smart phones out on the market people will, like you said, say screw it and buy something else if the wait gets too long.

    If I could just order it and wait for it to come in without paying unlocked I would be fine. I really don't mind waiting for it to ship and deliver. I don't care for the whole phone hunt thing. People with jobs and lives cannot visit store to store on a daily basis on the off chance a phone was delivered there.

  • Tigger59

    There's an Apple store in my local mall and 10 days after the initial launch, there were still about 100+ people waiting. Most of them were young Asian men which makes me wonder if they were buying the iPhone 4 for themself or if they were buying it for someone in their home country. Since the max is 2 per person, how many times have they stood in line and forked out $700??? What about those of us who want a locked iPhone 4 for personal use? We're the ones who have to wait and that is SO unfair.

  • Lots of people are buying them for their friends on eBay. Lol

  • Dingdong1234

    Just be careful though, because some customers are already very pissed off and have decided to switch to other smart phone FOREVER!

  • Dingdong1234


  • Tigger59

    Rogers: iPhone 4 Stock Available on Saturday … so, instead of lining up outside an Apple store, I'll get to line up outside the Rogers store in the same mall. How many phones is each store getting? My guess is that they'll be getting less than 100 per store. Present customer should have priority over new customers, but chances are I'll have to wait another couple of weeks and IF I'm lucky, I may get an iPhone 4 before Christmas. I'm not holding my breath.

  • fviana

    This has been the worse product launch EVER… It’s better not to launch at all than to do a half ass launch with almost no inventory. People have better things to do than wait in line all day.

    I really hope RIM sells a lot of blackberry’s to people who wanted an iphone but don’t put up with this kind of bs. Hopefully Apple will come down from it’s pedestal and start doing things in a professional manner.

  • Tigger59

    So, the iPhone 4 is supposed to be available at Rogers stores today, Saturday August 14. A couple of weeks ago, through iphoneincanada, I followed a link directly to Rogers for Rogers to notify me when the iPhone 4 was going to be available. It’s now 11:35 a.m. and I haven’t received that email.

    Does this mean
    (a) Rogers HAS received the phones but won’t send the emails until after hours today only to learn that they’re all sold.
    (b) Rogers HASN’T received the phones?
    (c) Rogers probably WON’T receive the phones until whenever?

    I ABSOLUTELY refused to stand in line for hours for something I may or may not get.

  • Tigger59

    BTW … I will not switch to a BlackBerry because the iPhone suits my needs 100%. I don’t drive and take public transit or walk and I enjoy listening to music. I also like to play word games when I’m on the bus or subway.

    Until the iPhone, I carried an iPod a cell phone and when a call came in, I had to put the iPod on pause and take the call.

    I can’t load 1500+ songs on a BlackBerry and the number of Apps available to BB are nothing compared to what’s available for iPhones!

  • Tigger59

    Where did the information come frome stating that the iPhone 4 would be in Rogers stores today (Aug 14)? I just called the Rogers store at my local mall and he said he knew nothing about it. Will we be able to get one before Thanksgiving … Canadian? American? or will it be Christmas? I’m beginning to have doubts of EVER getting one.

  • Tigger59

    Well … I visited 3 Rogers stores today and a T-booth. One Rogers store had just sold the last iPhone. They received 3. Three!!!!!!! Another Rogers store received 11. Another had a sign posted on the door saying they were ‘temporarily sold out’. Another store said they only received a few.

    I may be in luck. One of the stores (I can’t say which one) told me to call later this week and if they receive a shipment, he’ll put one aside for me, provided I visit the store the same business day. IF they get a shipment.

  • Trigger200284

    Your the one with the attitude problem thinking your so high and mighty to have someones job cause you don’t like how they conduct their job, I had a women threaten me once, and you what she got? Nothing. You know what I got? A pay raise and a good laugh over a glass of beer. In those cases, your the one that looks retarded

  • All depends how you look at it. I believe if your not able to handle
    your job correctly, then you shouldn’t have it. I don’t expect
    everyone to agree with be, but that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to
    it 😛

  • Annoyed with Apple

    Apple is really ticking me off. Their marketing is starting to suck. I hate waiting and this launch has been a disaster. I need a new phone because my battery on my 3G is almost gone. Can I replace the battery? Nope! Cost? $150. It’s a joke. Now I have to wait for the privilege of buying their next phone because I don’t want to throw away the money I spent on apps? It is making me consider the Droid X. Seriously … if I buy another phone I will never go back to buying an iPhone again. Anyone supporting their lack of stock is an Apple plant and not a real person. Otherwise … why would you support it? And if you own Apple stock (which I doubt) … beware because Apple is starting to get a little too smug and a little too big

  • Hmm i still see Apple bending over backwards to help their customers. short of iphone 4s? yes but thats not really their fault. if your so angry over the battery issue, there is many china websites that sells replacement batteries from $20+ and you install it yourself with a step by step youtube video. if you get apple to do it, then yes you have to pay for the “official” over priced battery, and someones time to put it in
    Apple is pricey but the quality of the product is top notch, unless millions people are wrong lol

    you just sound like your frustrated and looking for some one to point at. $20 do it yourself battery replacement, go have a look ^_~

  • Anonymous–want-an-iphone-4-better-line-up

    So basically, an issue that ONLY afftected 2% of AT&T customers in the U.S. is screwing up the chances of Canadians who WANT an iPhone 4 for PERSONAL USE!

    If you want an iPhone 4 to re-sell on eBay or Craigslist, or to take/send to Asia AND you’re willing to line up outside an Apple store for 4-6+ hours EVERY DAMN DAY, you MAY get an iPhone 4.


  • Anonymous–want-an-iphone-4-better-line-up

    So basically, an issue that ONLY afftected 2% of AT&T customers in the U.S. is screwing up the chances of Canadians who WANT an iPhone 4 for PERSONAL USE!

    If you want an iPhone 4 to re-sell on eBay or Craigslist, or to take/send to Asia AND you’re willing to line up outside an Apple store for 4-6+ hours EVERY DAMN DAY, you MAY get an iPhone 4.


  • Tigger59

    I knew it was too good to be true! I called this morning at 10 a.m. when the store opened and I heard a lot of chatter — it’s a small store — he told me they didn’t get (anymore) iPhones this week. I knew that was total B.S.

  • Dr. Truth

    Lines are for teenagers. If I can’t get an iphone 4 soon without waiting I’m simply going to jump on the next decent competitor product and never look back. Apple is turning off and turning away adults and business customers with this pathetic stock shortfall.
    BTW, my first gen iphone (almost 3 years old) is already broken internally. This is incredibly pathetic considering I have a Motorola razor at least 6 years old that still works perfectly. Apple is churning out poor quality products and ripping off the customer.

  • Dr. Truth

    Interesting – if you read through these comments the common message is:

    Keep lines any longer and apple will lose customers permanently….

    I hope someone from apple is paying attention.

  • Damn apples short stock. It’s a shame they are so successful… Right? Lol
    I don’t think any company could supply the HUGE demand that apple has
    in such short time. At least they are trying ^_~.

  • Tigger59

    I visited a Rogers store, a T-Booth a Best Buy Mobile and Gadgets store yesterday and got 4 different answers about why Rogers hasn’t FULLY made the iPhone 4 available to its customers. W.T.F. is going on?

    Best Buy Mobile had 1 iPhone … for Telus. They’ve received one shipment to date and it s/o in about an hour. Rogers NEVER has stock but I was told they once received 11 units. T-Booth says they’ve NEVER received a shipment. A sales associate at Gadgets told me things should improve next week. I’ll believe THAT when I see it.

  • TickedwithRogers

    How about Rogers / FIDO? Their customers must be dropping like flies too! Bell advertises the iPhone in print and on tv. It’s infuriating to see these ads when, as a Rogers customer, I can’t get one simply because I work fulltime and CAN’T take time off every day to line up outside Apple or call the Rogers store EVERY day just to be told “we didn’t get any shipments” or “we just sold the last one” only to (probably) learn that they sold all their phones.

  • If you get the Rogers customer relations line, you can upgrade, get the cheaper price and also reset your contract. they will send you a phone within a couple weeks when it comes available. Lots of my friends have already done that.
    A normal Rep will say no. you need to talk to a higher power like customer relations. explain your situation to them.

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  • Xxx

    well it’s been a few months…..I am still waiting.

  • Have you tried calling all Rogers stores/dealers?

  • RogersSucks

    I hope you’re not waiting for the white iPhone 4. Apparently that’s been cancelled.