Rogers Launches $25 Referral Program For New and Existing Customers


Rogers has launched a referral program to persuade existing customers to bring in new ones, to the benefit of $25 per referral.

Existing Rogers customers can earn up to $300 per year, which works out to one referral per month. The existing customer will find themselves with a $25 credit on their bill as long as the new account is in good standing after 30 days.


The program, powered by referral marketing solution company RewardStream, is being launched at the same time as a mass text message campaign. Although, it is understood that customers will see this over email and banner ads as well.

This is not the first referral program offered by a Canadian carrier. Telus, Koodo, Virgin, and Fido currently offer the equivalent of $25 per customer. It will be interesting to see if this program actually affects their customer base.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • MleB1

    Refer a friend to Rogers – $25.
    Warn friends to stay as far away as possible – priceless.

  • dee

    you jealous bro? move to Australia mate.

  • K3

    Another company should offer $250 to warn people about there site problems. If you’ve been a customer for more than a few years you’ll be able to access your account info once every few years.

    “There is no Rogers website associated with this account, if you’d like to register your Rogers website with this account please go and………” ????????????

    There’s also a company persistently sending out emails looking for customer feedback on how you would make better use from the Rogers site. Funny part is this started the day before there service “meltdown”!!

  • dee

    u mad bro?

  • dr evil

    U an id10t bro?

  • dr evil

    U an id10t bro? Yep.

  • K3

    Hug me?

  • K3

    Also it’s worth mentioning that there exists the possibility of once you are logged into your account information two clicks later you will encounter the message “your session has timed out due to inactivity.”

    Immediately followed by a Forsee survey popup.


    For those out there on other providers are you encountering the same types of glitches lately? Don’t know if this is a new norm after the Verizongate fallout.

  • Jack

    $25 referral credit is pathetic. I just signed up to Rogers got a $400 bill credit on a 2 year term. $60 per month for unlimited north america calling, text, video and picture messaging, 3GB LTE date with option to switch back and forth to 1GB north america data. Visual Voice mail and call display.

  • anonymous

    ur welcome buddy. that was us that hooked u up with that.

  • aaaaaaaaaaa

    Where did you get plan? What province are you in?

  • Steve

    I call BS. $400 credit, LOL in your dreams buddy.