Rogers Rebranding Strategy Places Focus on Customers, Revises Logo [PIC]


Rogers Communications has unveiled a new rebranding strategy that on the surface includes a refined logo (seen above) and a new colour scheme, but it is fundamentally focused at serving their customers.

Dale Hooper, the chief brand officer at Rogers, says that this is the company’s most significant rebranding in almost 14 years. The new strategy, called “Rogers 3.0,” has been in development for the last eight months and was started by CEO Guy Laurence. Hooper said that Laurence has played an active role in the company’s rebranding process. Hooper said:

“[Laurence] is at heart someone who cares about the customer experience, brand and employee development. He was very involved in ensuring that our flagship brand was aligned throughout the organization. The consumer brand of Rogers is the biggest component of the corporate brand.”

The Canadian carrier is working with Publicis and Lippincott, two U.S. based branding firms, to develop a new brand identity for the company. Hooper said that Rogers needs to ensure that their brand is clearly articulated in the market in a way that differentiates them from their competitors.

Rogers Brand senior vice president Livia Zufferli, who joined Rogers in November after leaving Target Canada, said that part of the challenges with rebranding is to change how Canadians perceive of the company. She said:

“No brand is built overnight, so our intent and our desire is to really be able to connect with our customer in a more human way. It is going to be journey, and as we continue to have more opportunities to interact with customers with this refreshed brand and our commitment to an enhanced customer experience, this will all build; our goal is to earn the trust of Canadians and have them understand where we’re evolving to.”

Today, Rogers is launching two consumer campaigns to help reflect their rebranding process. The first is a new Rogers Ignite home internet product and the second is a campaign to promote its extended market coverage for cellular customers.

[via Marketing Mag]


  • Al

    The phrase, “you can’t polish a turd”, comes to mind. As when this 3.0 thing started, they clearly are deluded into thinking that if they pretend to look better, it will justify their continued practice of ripping people off.

  • Max Power

    So I live right on the border, but got a text from Rogers encouraging me to turn my data roaming on to take advantage of free domestic roaming. I can’t see that ending well.

  • ????Dennis

    Good start Rogers…. Not letting customers keep their 6gb data when upgrading, is definitely not putting customers first.

  • Jon

    Same logo and same colors. How dumb are they?

  • MleB1

    A logo that looks like our money spiralling down the drain and a Brand VP from Target Canada – because that venture turned out so well?

  • Anon

    No loyalty or retentions discounts. Yet increased prices on all plans. It’s more like profits first, customers last.

  • Jay Aulik

    People need to stop giving them their money and the. Complain about them. You don’t have a gun to your ahead, there’s alternatives out there.

  • Jim

    Oh, they revised their logo. That changes everything!

  • Budds

    So if you’re going to bitch, at least bitch property. 1. Loyalty? Rogers first reward points, I saved $159 off my last phone, does any other carrier do that? I have had Rogers for 10 years and have a pretty sweet retention plan.

    It’s funny, when you pay your bill and don’t act like a spoiled brat, you get stuff.

  • Al’s Mum

    “Hooper said that Rogers needs to ensure that their brand is clearly
    articulated in the market in a way that differentiates them from their

    Right, so price fixing so everything is identical is their strategy to differentiate? Equally poor customer service? Adding more fees and then calling all of them “added value for our customers” each time they’re asked? Yep – these guys got differentiation nailed.

  • Eric

    aka raise the prices again?

  • Anon

    Looks like we have a Rogers staff member trying to do damage control. The Rogers First Rewards program has nothing to do retention discounts. That program in itself, is a joke. When your bill jumps from $65 to $100+ off contract, with no equivalent plan or discounts for a member of 15+ years (yes, longer than your dumb ass) – who’s being the spoiled brat?

  • thewinnipegger

    Rogers barely differentiates from anyone else, there’s no real competition when all three big companies price match each other and give really no benefit to switching.