Rogers Set to Raise Cost of Wireless Connection Fee to $20



According to a report from MobileSyrup, Rogers is planning to increase the cost of its wireless connection fee to $20.

The charge, which is currently priced at $15, applies to all consumers and small business clients that request a hardware upgrade or activate a new phone line. The company claims that the adjustment in cost is a result of a regular pricing review.

“[The price adjustment is] to make sure we’re delivering the value our customers need.”

The report also notes that an internal email said that the company continues to strive to minimize fee changes as much as possible. Rogers says they are looking for innovative ways to better serve their customers.

Yesterday, Rogers announced its quarterly results where the Canadian carrier noted a three percent increase in wireless revenue to $1.9 billion. Currently, Rogers is still the largest carrier in with 9.45 million customers, even though they lost 58,000 customers in the last quarter.

What do you think of the latest price increase from Rogers? Let us know in the comments below.


  • JB

    I want the big 3 to all raise their monthly fees by 300%. Maybe finally Canadians will start cancelling services and scaring them into actually competing with one another. Unnnngh, who doesn’t hate their greedy service provider?

  • DoctorT

    Awesome. Now with this greater connection fee I’ll be able to get the most value for my money! I’ll pay more for something before I’m even connected.
    Thanks Rogers!

  • Riddlemethis

    Lte is coming to wind mobile. However it won’t be fast enough

  • Riddlemethis

    That’s Not the Canadian way. We say sorry when we get it up the arse. We then go and buy some more lube and pain killers from shoppers drugmart or Walmart. We also keep on re-electing the same dictator hoping for a different result.

  • FragilityG4

    So yesterday they announce an increase in revenue and today they announce a fee increase that delivers “value to customers” … Sorry Rogers, I’m not buying the crap you’re shoveling.

  • K3

    So wanna talk again about that tax Rogers is so game for implementing?

  • Ray


  • wooobwooob

    I’d take a slow LTE any day over getting raped dry by the Robellus!!

  • Max Power

    In order to provide the best value to customers possible….

    Or maybe this is to hire back the Rogers social media hacks?

  • Thisguyagain

    Wow, you’re a complete idoit. The digital tax is something Apple / MS already does, why should Netflix be able to operate in Canada, but not have to pay any taxes or contribute to the country.

    This is shit, fees are shit, wanting a US company to pay taxes in Canada isn’t shit. Rogers don’t profit off Netflix playing taxes. There is no words to decribe how dumb you are. IT’S SALES TAX! THE SAME SALES TAX EVERY OTHER COMPANY, DIGITAL OR NON-DIGITAL HAS TO PAY!

  • Rockinr

    Rogers, your already gouging us with your so called “My Plan”, whis is 20% higher the the previous plans, now you want to GOUGE us more by charging another $5.00 a month…… F-U Rogers…
    Wind Mobile, has just become my service provider for cellular…..

  • fatiredflyer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Rogers, for not (yet) upping it by $6.
    This is Canadian “value for money”.

  • FragilityG4


  • FragilityG4

    1. Google “Sales Tax”
    2. Read the definition.
    3. Never post in regards to this subject again.

  • karlpetersen49

    Just another innovative way for them to price gouge us.

  • FragilityG4

    How is Mr. Harper a dictator?

  • CMfly

    Bring your own device, change it any time and you don’t have to pay an activation fee or anything like that.. How does it make sense? Well it doesn’t except they just want money and we seem to be willing to give it to them..

  • Anon

    “Rogers says they are looking for innovative ways to better serve (screw) their customers.”

  • Riddlemethis

    You do a hardware upgrade and you use the same sim card a a yet have to pay a connection fee? That’s insane. This s the exact same kind of BS years ago when Cantel and the other two were charging everyone a crtc fee which was proven to be a bogus charge.

  • Riddlemethis

    Have you been to an optometrist recently?

  • FragilityG4

    No I got Lasik … Enlighten me.