Rogers to Launch New Data Management Feature Called ‘Stream Saver’


According to a new report from MobileSyrup, Rogers is planning to launch a new feature in the data management section of its MyRogers app called “Stream Saver.”

The new feature will allow customers to toggle off HD streaming for popular social media and video platforms. If the feature is enabled, Rogers will automatically downscale your video while you are on a cellular connection to save your data.

An internal document obtained by MobileSyrup states that the new feature will help customers “watch up to 3 times more of what they love.”

The feature will enable a toggle to turn on “non-HD” streaming on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other popular services. The toggle can be set independently for every number on your account, so you can control the amount of data your kids consume.

The report notes that this feature is expected to launch soon, possibly as early as September 26th.


  • OliChabot

    that would be (too) nice of them, but if it does happen it’s definately a nice touch from a Big 3 carrier.

  • erth

    as long as the quality of the video is unrecognizable, this is fine. otherwise, maybe just give us more data at the same price… they do this in the USA…. what is wrong with CANADA? unlimited seems to be a word that does not exist for the big 3….

  • raslucas

    Well I mean… the quality will certainly be recognizable, it won’t be HD anymore.

  • Bill___A

    I am looking forward to trying this feature out. If it can give the ability to stream video a littlle more and not cost much data, it is a good thing to have.

  • anrec

    This is actually similar to what they do on “unlimited” plans in the USA – downscale most video to 480p, and throttle hotspot. In addition, video traffic takes lower priority on the network. They also de-prioritize your traffic once you reach certain usage (20-30 GB).

    If you want better video quality (720p-1080p) – you pay extra, and have to manually activate the setting. And yes – truly unlimited plans also exist (without video scale-down and de-pri), but you will need to find a small mom-and-pop operation to sell you a line, and it will cost you an arm and a leg (USD150-300/mo).