Rogers Tweaks Wireless Plans in Shift Towards US-Style Pricing


Rogers has recently tweaked some of its high-end wireless plans. According to a report from The Globe and Mail, the move could lead to more US-style pricing that separates the cost of the phone with the cost of the monthly plan.

The telecom changed the price of their 10GB data plan to $130 across the board, regardless of whether you are signing a contract or bringing your own device. Previously, the company charged customers about $15/month less if their brought their own device.

The price changes do not extend to smaller data packages, but Citigroup analyst Adam Ilkowitz said that this could be a step in that direction. In a statement, Ilkowitz said:

“I think this is something that bears watching on how the market reacts, competitors react and how it develops over time.”

In the US, carriers often pay for the cost of the smartphone and allow customers to finance the cost over the two years, and also setting a separate price for the wireless service.


  • Surveillance

    So in other words, their 10 gig plan just got $15 more expensive

  • IAmTaka

    yep this isn’t to “mimic” anything, they just wanted to rip us off more.

  • It’s Me

    Exactly. The wireless code already forced the separate plans from phone, though they did their damnedest to obfuscate. This is just another cash grab.

  • Chrome262

    yes but the good news is we can finance over two years other places and get plans where ever. So there won’t be administrative costs. So Apple can start doing it. Only thing is, if they still offer monthly plans, there is no reason to go contract now, if we can get our phones financed other places

  • Surveillance

    I have a byod plan. Best move I ever made was buying a phone directly from apple

  • So Young

    Same here. I prefer buying the whole phone from the start and having good plans after.

  • sully54

    This is their way of recouping costs once locking a phone on contract is no longer allowed by the end of the year.

  • It’s Me

    No, it’s not. It just an old fashioned cash grab. Would happen without or without locking being banned.

    No reason to make up excuses for it.

  • sully54

    Whatever this is, I’m not making up excuses for it. I’m just as against it as you are. It is a cash grab.

  • Kael

    Same here. I am saving so much per month.

  • Brenda

    Same here. But I’m not sure if the monthly savings will make a huge difference over the life of the phone. I just didn’t want a locked phone. Funny thing is that I’m still on the same plan from Bell because I happened to walk into their store for something else when they had a special promotion and have yet to see a deal that good offered by any of the others. That was over two years ago.