Rogers/Fido Extend $30 6GB Data Plan For iPhone 3G/3GS


Back in the beginning of June, Rogers/Fido released the highly coveted $30 6GB Data Plan. At that time, the promotion was set to expire today, July 31, 2009.

As expected, Rogers/Fido have extended the 6GB Data Plan until September 15, 2009.

As previously, the data plan runs on a 3 year contract and must be tied to an eligible voice plan. So it is eligible Voice Plan (Rogers) (Fido) + 6GB Data Plan under a 3 year contract.


The Details

  • Price: $30 per month
  • Data included per month: 6GB
  • Time frame: July 31, 2009 – September 15, 2009
  • Overages: 50¢/MB for the first 60MB, then 3¢/MB thereafter
  • Contract Term: Available on 3 year service agreement or 3 year renewals only
  • Device support: All iPhones: iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS
  • Note: This data plan also makes you eligible for tethering. See more information here.

If you are just getting into an iPhone 3G/3GS from Rogers/Fido and want the 6GB Data Plan, with an eligible Voice plan or a bundled Voice/Data plan (Rogers) (Fido):

  • 8GB iPhone 3G will cost you $99.99
  • 16GB iPhone 3G will cost you $149.99
  • 16GB iPhone 3GS will cost you $199.99
  • 32GB iPhone 3GS will cost you $299.99

The customer service and in-store representatives will not be informed of this change for a few days, so don’t go flooding them with requests just yet.


  • Dusty

    Good news for customers that would like to still purchase this Data plan. At least the price didnt go up lol
    I believe the extension is mainly because its going to run for the rest of summer and with back to school around that time, Rogers wants to gobble up as many new contracts and customers as possible! Maybe another new Apple iPhone release is around the corner… haha

  • I have this plan ,,, and never worry about having to go over on DATA is a big plus for me ..
    Dont use Data in the US ,,, my $1000.00 July Rogers Bill , almost gave me a heart attack

  • nate_ers

    i went into my settings the other day on and noticed that there is an expiry date beside my 6gb data plan!?!?! wtf, does anyone else have this?

  • It's when the contract is over for the data plan

  • Name

    Yikes. I WOULD have a heart attack. I'm really paranoid when I'm in the States. I'm addicted to maps, especially when I'm in an unfamiliar area and I'd really like to use them in the States.

  • antrek

    Thanks a lot for the info: I got $15 voice (have another phone for voice calling) + $30 6Gb data from Fido today (completely new customer/activation).

    The Apple guy who was activating my phone had to call Fido twice to confirm that the 6Gb/$30 data plan is available (not mentioned on Fido website), and that $45/month is enough to qualify for the full discount. His initial story was “Rogers & Fido have discontinued the plan because nobody goes above 1Gb in a month, so these iPhone plans for $60 or $75 are the best”. But he was nice enough to call Fido and confirm everything do what I asked for.

    I tested 3G usage – ten minutes of browsing, emailing, and a YouTube clip used 9Mb of data. So 500Mb/month is definitely not enough, and 1Gb/month is probably not enough for most people as well.

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  • sledgesingh

    its 26th today and i got it.
    I think it just depends upon the Sales rep. If they wanna give it you.

  • mackman6151

    theres a new $10 option you can add on that allows you to use your data plan in the US 😀

  • mackman6151

    theres a new $10 option you can add on that allows you to use your data plan in the US 😀