Rogers/Fido Offering $100 Credit for WIND/Mobilicity Customers to Port Over


Wind and Mobilicity have some enticing voice and data plans that the ‘Big 3’ cannot compete with. But, the newer entrants stumble based on the fact their AWS network does not support the latest GSM smartphones, such as the iPhone.

In an attempt to entice Wind and Mobilicity users, Rogers/Fido are offering a $100 credit to users that port their wireless numbers over. This was noted in an internal posting that is a ‘competitive response to our competitors’ recent offers’. These offers Rogers is referring to include Wind’s offering of $100 to port over other customers, and Mobilicity offering up to $150 (dealers are even advertising this on Craigslist).

For those considering this $100 credit, note a three year contract is required and you must port your wireless number over to Rogers (tell reps to use the SOC code TAGSRN008). You will see the credit on your 1st or 2nd month’s invoice. The offer is available from March 27th to April 1st, 2012.

Is a $100 credit worth your time for a three year contract? It’s up to you to decide.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • JMCD23

    What a shitty scam. How about matching their prices.

  • If you’re up for renewal with Fogers and you’re willing to jump through the hoops, couldn’t you theoretically port to Wind, get your $100, port back to Fogers, and get another $100? I imagine there must be a minimum time commitment to Wind/Mobi to get their respective porting credits, right?

  • DoctorT

    HA! what a joke!

  • DoctorT

    I think they work more like credits toward your account. I strongly doubt they just give you cash to switch.

  • Khanhtphan

    What a scam… I hate Rogers for this. They’ll definitely lure some ignorant people in with this, which just fuels their money grubbing habits even further. 

  • Corey Richardson

    It makes me sick when compare my “not unlimited” plan from Rogers (My5 Canada Wide + 6GB Data + iPhone Value Pack) to Wind’s simple $40 plan. I pay $100 month!

  • Torontonian79

    i hv wind mobile unlimited call data text for $35 its very good network and reliable im with them since three years i saved over $3000 by switching from ripf rogere to windp of

  • Eim

    Shit deal