Rovio Hangs Massive ‘Angry Bird’ on the Side of Seattle’s Space Needle [PICS]


Earlier today Rovio launched Angry Birds Space, the next version of their hit game from the hugely successfully series. As part of the promo, we’ve seen Rovio team up with NASA, and today they also teamed up with Seattle’s Space Needle.

Hanging down the side of the massive iconic Seattle structure is a large red angry bird. Yes, this is real. The huge inflatable hanging bird will stay there for a few days to promote the new game. No, it will not be slingshot into space. Here’s what Rovio had to say:

“We wanted to do all things space and Seattle is famous for the Space Needle,” Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterback told KING 5 News. “So that’s why we’re here.”

You have to love this massive publicity stunt, in the heart of Microsoft country, nearby in Redmond. Well done, Rovio. Check out our full hands on review of the game below, via @meadorsmusings:


  • BrodieTheDog

    Rovio has become a greedy green pig. The gameplay is good. Still leaves something to desire. Great twist adding physics to the classic slingshot action. So you play threw 2 thirds of the game and “wham”. Rovio wants another 99 cents to unluck the rest of the game. Not to mention the other 99 cents they want from you to use the mighty eagle feature. I would not be surprised to see rovio charging fo play future updates. I guess it
    was just a matter of time till the money rovio is making went to the developers head. I think this has detracted some of what made this game great in the first place. Affordability, making the game accessable to everyone. I’m disappinted. That’s my two cents.