Rumour: Apple Naming Scheme Will See ‘iPhone 6’ and ‘iPhone 6 Plus’ Debut Tomorrow


On the day before Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone media event, last minute rumours always surface, such as the following from Japanese site Macotakara, which claims its sources have informed them of the naming scheme Apple will use for its new iPhone models.

The rumoured names will see the 4.7-inch model debut as the ‘iPhone 6’, while the larger 5.5-inch model will be called ‘iPhone 6 Plus’. Sources tell the site the colours available will be the same as from the iPhone 5s (space gray, gold, silver), while storage capacities will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options, while the rumoured 128GB option remains unknown.

Previously we’ve heard rumours of Apple’s next iPhone models to be called ‘iPhone Air’ and ‘iPhone Pro’, along with ‘iPhone 6L’.

It’s worth noting Macotakara’s sources were correct last year in leaking the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c naming scheme, corroborating earlier reports.

POLL: What do you think Apple’s next iPhones will be called?


  • Matt

    how about iphone 6s for Screen 😉

  • I thought about that, but the ‘S’ moniker introduced tomorrow could confuse people, since it’s been reserved for next generation models. But it might happen if you think it into existence before bed tonight lol

  • Tim

    “iphone 6 plus” – That is absolutely awful. It sounds like an upgrade on a lotto ticket, or an item for heavier set people, or a points card at a drug store. It just sucks and I hope to god they have the fortitude to realize that.

  • hub2

    As long as there’s never a “6c” model… which sounds awfully close to “eat sh**” in Chinese.

  • Al

    Your poll doesn’t have a… “None of the above”.

    I’m shocked at the number of people who think Air and Pro. No way in hell people. Makes no sense.

  • iPhone 6c–works great with the new iWallet fong-pay system.

  • Mark Roberts

    How about iPhone 6 for both sizes?