Rumour Suggests iPhone 7 Will Offer Fast-Charge Support



The iPhone 7 has been rumoured to be a modest upgrade, when compared to the iPhone 6s. However the phone will still have some very noteworthy features and additions.

A new rumour, which is based on an unverified Twitter source , suggests the iPhone 7 could support fast charging speeds. Specifically, the tweet notes that the device will support “at least five volt two amp charging.”

Currently, iPhone support a one amp / 5 watt charger, but it’s not a secret that Apple’s smartphone can be charged faster with the iPad’s 2.1 amp 12 watt charger. If the rumour is true, the upcoming iPhone will support fast charging with the adapter that comes with the device.

This is the first time fast charging has been put on the rumour list for the iPhone 7. The tweet definitely states a feature that is plausible, however there is no verification that the rumour is credible. The source also is unnamed and has no track record of iPhone rumours, so take this report with a grain of salt.

[via AppleInsider]


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I thought the 6/s/Plus were already able to charge faster than 5W when using a higher amperage charger?

  • FragilityG4

    All iPhones can charge faster with the iPad 12w charger. This rumour is suggesting the next iPhone will come standard with the 12w charger as opposed to the current 5w.

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    That makes sense – but the tweet sounds like it’s saying the iPhone itself will support 2A charging.

  • Dehop

    Exactly this. I thought we were looking at built-in support for something like Qualcomm quick charge 3, which allows charging at varying voltage/amperages up to 20V and 3A (though not both maxed at the same time, which would be 60W; available QC3 voltage and amperage combos seem to be limited to 20W). Not the actual Qualcomm “standard” of course since you need a Qualcomm processor.