Rumours Claim iPhone ‘Phablet’ Coming in Spring, ‘iPhone 6’ in September



Chinese news site Huanqiu reports that Apple is planning to release its next generation iPhone earlier than expected. The company is said to be releasing a larger iPhone in May, which will be a separate product from the iPhone 6, said to launch in September.

The larger iPhone will reportedly have a display bigger than 5-inches and be powered by a new Apple A8 processor, said to be an improvement over the 64-bit A7 CPU.

According to ETNews the iPhone 6 will be thinner and lighter than the current iPhone 5S, coming in at 6 mm thin, down from the current 7.6 mm on the 5S. ETNews reports the new iPhone will launch in two display sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.7 inches respectively.

Apple is expected to keep the iPhone 5S and reduce its price by $100 with the introduction of the new iPhone.

[via BGR]


  • Here’s hoping this ain’t true. I for one don’t want an iPhone with a bigger screen, and I don’t want anything thinner or lighter than the 5/5S. I’m all for them releasing alternate sizes as long as they keep an option that’s roughly the same size as what they have now.

    Personally, I’d prefer something that stays the same size as the 5/5S (or at least the same screen) but with upgraded internals and a new design that loses the two-tone look and adds a curved back.

  • Al

    I’m not buying the “thinner” aspect. There is no need for that. If Apple can spare the room, they would likely increase the battery size to take up the extra space and compensate for the demands of the faster CPU.

    I want to say the entire story is bogus and just random speculation, but that’s just my gut talking (which is the same thing).

  • Mark Roberts

    Love this news. Keep making one the same size as the 5 / 5C / 5S, but offer a bigger alternative for people like myself that have been asking for this for way too long.

  • Anthony

    I don’t think Apple has a choice but to go bigger. I could easily see 2 sizes like in tablets. As for the early release it’s something we here every year. I could never see Apple releasing a new iPhone without a new version of iOS.

  • Anthony

    I’m hoping for a spring release of a new category, wearable maybe. It would make sense to have something released at that time of year. It seems like there’s to big of a gap between releases now that iPads are a fall event. It makes sense to have them closer to the holidays instead of right after but maybe a “watch” or whatever it is will make sense at that time of year.

  • To make the iPhone even thinner would be crazy, limitations are related to the optics of the rear camera. But if one company were to do it, expect Apple to but not anytime soon I’d think.

  • Al

    I still prefer my 3Gs over the current hard-edged design. Feels more natural and comfortable to me.

  • Tim

    Concepts always show future iphones without the side bezels. I wish Apple would move more toward this type of design, but seems to be impeded by sheer choice or technological limitation thus far.

  • Anon

    Options in phone sizes is a Android thing. A 4.7″ display would be a good size. Not too large or small. The current tiny 4″ screen is laughable.

  • I would think there would be technical issues with trying to hold the device without the sides of the screen detecting your hands touching the sides of the phone. It may also be more difficult to detect a swipe in from the side of the screen for certain gestures (like backing out of an email in Mail). However I think the biggest problem would be the first one I listed. Every time you adjust your grip on the device, it would sense those touches on the sides as inputs, I would think.

    That being said, if anyone can make it work, Apple can. I know they have software in their laptops that ignores input from the trackpad while you’re typing, as they assume if you’re in the process of typing, it would be sensing your palms, not your fingers, and it’s very unlikely you’re trying to navigate with your palms while typing. They may be able to do something similar in this case?

  • ????Dennis

    FFS… Just give me a bigger battery! Never mind all this other BS.

  • OliChabot

    I really hope for a 4.7 to 5” screen. The Nexus 5 really feels good and has an amazing screen, iPhone 5S screen looks dumb compared to it. Also expect a better battery, F*** the thinner/lighter specs, 5S feels perfect as it is, or just thin it up a lil’ bit just for the marketing ”wow-factor”. This phone would look stunning, and a LED-alert light green like the Macbooks and accessories would be dope. This is my wish!

  • OliChabot

    Pretty dumb rumor if you ask me, why would Apple release an iPhone and then a new one 3 months later ? not Apple at all.

  • MacBooks have an LED-alert?

  • OliChabot

    MagSafe has one I think, or if you prefer iMacs Trackpad and Keyboard LED.

  • Plazmic Flame

    There’s nothing wrong with options, it’s not like they’ll be getting rid of the current iPhone that you like, they would just be adding a second option.

    I for one hope this DOES happen. There needs to be an iPhone with better battery life and hopefully this larger iPhone will do that.