This New Hack Can Run CarPlay On An iPhone 6


With the help of a new hack from developer Adam Bell, you’ll soon be able to put Apple’s CarPlay on your iPhone 6 and try it out without the need for a compatible in-car infotainment system (via CultofMac). The upcoming hack however requires a jailbroken iPhone, means you’ll need to give Pangu’s recent iOS 8 jailbreak a go before trying this CarPlay Cydia tweak.

Despite not quite being ready for primetime just yet, Bell’s nifty jailbreak means that users will be able run Apple’s CarPlay software on iPhones and iPads, as seen in the above picture.

There’s no ETA on the tweak’s release form the developer yet but we’ll be sure to update you once it’s available for download in the Cydia store.

Last month, Consumer Reports went hands on with CarPlay for the first time, saying that its simple menus, easy navigation, and excellent Siri voice command integration can definitely reduce driver distraction.

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  • Nafizur

    Why would you want to do this exactly?

  • Tim

    Yes, the point is…

  • Scuba Steve

    Exactly, and don’t dorget that it’s got to be the fugliest interface known to man. Just check out android auto and you’ll know what I mean.

  • Chrome262

    that is just as ugly? it looks awful.

  • Scuba Steve

    You need new eyes, and a brain too while your at it. Android auto is miles ahead of car play in every single possible way, and it looks damn sexy to boot.

  • Chrome262

    I could be blind and all I would have to know its Android which tells you thats its half assed piece of crap, running java and is clunky as hell. As well as you don’t need any thing to run things from your phone, just bluetooth and speaker out put, most of these interfaces are just eye candy.

  • Scuba Steve

    Your clueless dude. A complete moron. Clearly you didn’t watch anything and you’re just tapping and flapping them gums.