Russia Starts Investigating iPhone Price-Fixing Allegations Against Apple


Russia’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has started an investigation against Apple following allegations of iPhone price-fixing in the region, Reuters is reporting. The authority highlighted that it had opened its case after an appeal from a citizen with information that identical prices had been set for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, which appeared in Russia in October 2015, at 16 major resellers.


“The Anti-Monopoly Service sees signs of price fixing violations in the Russian Federation at Apple iPhone resellers, which resulted in the same prices for these smartphones,” a statement said. The anti-monopoly body added that an investigation had showed that resellers had set identical prices and kept them at that level for a certain time period, including for other models.

MTS and Euroset, two of the resellers mentioned in the anti-monopoly service’s statement, declined to comment. Similarly, a representative for Apple in Russia did not comment on the matter.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    good to see Russia is now following EU ! A beginning to avoiding multi-nationals attempting to taking control of the planet ? ( and then MULTI’s controlling governments ) . finally we got “control” back in the hands of regulators, gov. departments and state authorities, leaving to multi-nationals their natural roles instead: account managers, merchants, retailers, sales agents, vendors… and all the crappy job positions none of US would apply ever these days. ( can you imagine europeans, EU, wasting time in a Apple Store for maybe not even 600Euros a month ? ). uhhh ! almost forgotten EU is currently largest multi-national on the planet and with over 450M ” EMPLOYEES “, a parent company for all multi-nationals in western capitalistic societies. ( 27 nations and at least 5 ethnical groups ) DRAFT