Samsung Allegedly Holds Emergency Meetings to Respond to Gold iPhone


Just a few weeks ago a rumour surfaced of a light Gold Champagne colored iPhone. At first the rumour just did not seem like something Apple would do. Slowly these rumours started to become more credible, with pictures being released off the manufacturing floors in China.



Patently Apple reports, as soon as the rumours turned into credible news, Samsung executives went into an emergency meeting. The result was an official statement released on August 29 that Samsung has decided to build a line of products with metal cases by the end of the year.

According to the report, “The purpose of this move is to apply metal cases to their premium smartphone models to be released early next year.”


Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones has been often criticized of feeling cheap. So far, the whole Galaxy line from Samsung is made of plastic. On the other hand, the Apple brand has always maintained the image of the best designed products.

Samsung has been accused of copying Apple time and time again — is this just another attempt from the South Korean company?

[via Patently Apple]


  • Chrome262

    LOL, Even HTC makes a metal phone. You can’t keep calling a phone a premium brand without having the build quality. S4 is even more flimsy compared to the S3 because of the thinner basal. And if they decided to go metal, which is great in my opinion, they are going to run into weight issues. Apple, and even HTC put lots of time in making their metal builds. Samsung is good at making a quick copy, but its taken them years to even get it right. I think this is going to be quite amusing.

  • Chrome262

    I am assuming this is because they see it as a real threat in Asian markets

  • einsteinbqat

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that just as many complain about the lack of innovation from Apple, Samsung isn’t innovating as well. Samsung has no creativity. They need a direction before they can stand on their own. Whether it be in the wireless phone industry or electric appliances, Samsung improves upon what already exists. They copy at first, and then they differentiate. They will never admit that, but that is how they work. So, should this meeting indeed occur, this is just Samsung reacting like they have always done.

  • daftchemist

    I welcome a better build quality, I think all phones should be metal or at least premium ones.

  • Chrome262

    I think everyone expects Apple to create game changes constantly. But the advantage that Samsung has, is no one ever expect that of them. Oh they can claim the next big thing, but you are right, its nothing new, just slight tweaks. Love my LG washer, best one I have every bought, notices the Samsung had similar features and was a bit cheaper, but I new anything that just added to it would be to untested for my liking. So I stuck with the LG, it cost a bit more, but it had the most customer satisfaction and better customer service. I think thats Samsung all over, sure you might get the latest and greatest cheaper, but will you be happy with it over the long haul, ummm no.

  • FragilityG4

    You have to admit though they do build amazing TVs … That’s about it.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    incredible tv’s

    my washer and dryer are also samsung and they make laundry fun 😀

  • downhilldude

    I don’t believe you guys! Yes, Samsung used to copy. Now everyone copies, many of them now copy Samsung. Samsung had innovation in every product line. Many firsts, such as Wi-Fi in washers and dryers, Skype camera built into tv’s, S pen, finger hovering on the S4, several camera features, etc.

    Who’s following who with bigger screens, smaller tablets, more RAM, faster processors, etc.?

    Everyone wants metal or glass backs, but then complains when you don’t get micro SD, or replaceable batteries. You haven’t noticed that correlation?

    Pay attention guys, and don’t get stuck in a groove, repeating the same rhetoric, even though things have changed. Samsung’s changed their tune, and so should you.

    No one comes out with a 100% new device…not Apple…no one.

  • steve81

    They should have held an emergency meeting when Apple launched an iPhone without plastic, 3 years ago.

  • CrAppleJinxer

    There are plenty of fools in this World who’ve obviously been asleep for the last 20yrs of Samsung’s existence. Gold phones have become synonymous with Samsung Every Year or 4 being one of the Top Olympics Supporters in the World. I don’t think they’ve missed even one year coming out with a Gold or Gold and Black feature or smartphone!

    How do you explain Olympic Gold Galaxy S3 last year? …or if you really want to go back in time to reveal more truth, how about the 2008 Olympics phone or this phone the Samsung Gold S5230, launched around the same time as iPhone in 2007.

    Here’s the 2008 Olympic Gold Edition;

    Samsung actually started the trend in the first place. Then Nokia, HTC, LG and many others followed them just like Apple is following them NOW too! … which came first the chicken or the egg? For you people…. it’d have to be the egg on Apple’s face for believing 5S is the first Gold phone made. Since you people don’t realize that Apple is the one best known as the Biggest Copyist in History! ….or THIEVE…. whichever term you like best!!! ;-P ……but I think STEVE JOBS liked being called a THIEVE…. BETTER!!!

    So now Apple releases their first Gold (champagne beige tone colored only) iPhone and you people start crying foul as if anyone else who makes a Gold phone had to have just copied Apple, even if they’ve been making them for over 20yrs. That’s just too freaking hilarious and so pathetic to say the least. Especially with literally every other Smartphone Maker w/ their 1st Gold copy of Samsung’s Phones years prior to Apple’s FIRST Gold iPhone just this year!

    Meanwhile iPhone 5S just got pegged by the entire Mobile Phone Industry as the real THIEVE…. again by the Electronics Industry itself. Who are all now launching another Gold version of their phones. Just like they do every year! :DDD