Samsung Child Labor And Worker Abuse Far Worse Than Apple’s [Investigation]


We’ve covered reports during the past on worker abuse and child labor in Apple’s supplier factories, and it turns out Samsung commonly feeds off the same type of abuse. According to a Bloomberg report on Friday, Samsung operating profits jumped 91 percent; also a record breaker, then just moments later China Labor Watch (CLW) released the results of a recent Samsung factory investigation.

The members of CLW investigated the factory during June and July as disguised workers and “were stunned by the results of the investigation of HEG Electronics (Samsung’s partner), which showed that the practice of hiring child labor is prevalent in this factory.” Although they experienced limited contact with a majority of the factory’s departments, CLW investigators recognized seven children under the age of 16 employed by the factory.

More on the child labor situation: (via Patently Apple)

During their follow up investigations, their investigators suspected that there were a large number of child laborers in other departments of the factory, estimating that there may be 50 to 100 children working there. These children were working under the same harsh conditions as adult workers, but were paid only 70% of the wages when compared with the formal employees.

Working conditions are harsh, whether you’re an adult or underage worker, these conditions remain the same. Each worker is expected to meet a quota of 1000 units per hour and failure results in longer overtime hours that are unpaid. Those who deny overtime will be punished with “absenteeism and three days” of deducted wages.

What are your thoughts on this? It’s sad to figure that Samsung’s profits are a result of these type of working conditions.

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  • gerry

    I’m just disgusted by ANY working environment condition. Not just Apple or Samsung. I’m asian and I happened to ask my grandfather this question ‘why does china or any asian counter part factory environment pay so cheap?’ I guess it’s due to cheap labour and the high unemployment rate that’s people will most likely do anything to make a dime, regardless if the pay is low. It just saddens me the high priced technology we pay knowing people who make them get treated like garbage.

  • Starklet

    More worse?

  • Coluch

    Ryan, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time… Do you check your posts before publishing them? If yes, then your English skills are in need of some upgrading.

    The few occasions in which I’ve considered abandoning this site have been due to your poor quality of writing and grammar.

    The sloppiness I’ve seen is insulting to intelligence of the reader. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s also true.

  • nosnoop

    “Far More Worse”? You’d better edit the title.

    HEG Electronics has over 500 partners including Samsung and LG. And Samsung has over 250 suppliers/contractors in China, 105 of them are exclusive contractors, HEG not being one of them.
    So I am not sure if blaming Samsung entirely for obviously a HEG decision is fair. And this is not a new story. Samsung already did their part by doing an audit of all their suppliers last month.

    An audit of HEG did not find any underage workers (but they were probably all hidden before the inspectors arrived), but Samsung did find overtime, unsafe practices, and unfair fines and penalties. Samsung has promised to terminate contracts with any contractors which violate their policy.

    But since HEG is not a Samsung exclusive contractor, I am not sure if there is much more Samsung can do.

  • RyanStOnge

    Mistakes are part of life. I check my posts before publishing, a few times actually. The mistake in the title was one I wasn’t aware of. Everyone can use an upgrade in English skills, it’s something that you can always add-on to.

    If you don’t mind answering, what mistakes are you noticing? I have only saw one other comment criticizing my grammar skills in the past. I’ve written about 300 posts on here since the end of July.

  • Paulman Chan

    By the way (author): “Far worse” is the correct usage. Worse is already a term that means “not as good as” (i.e. it’s a comparative term), so the word “worser” doesn’t exist. “More worse” is not the correct phrase, either – just use “worse” or “far worse”. But not “worser”.

    Also, Coluch – please cut the author some slack 😛 ha ha

  • RyanStOnge

    Just to let you know, I didn’t edit the title to “worser” so please don’t blame that one on me. I take all the credit for the “more worse” or whatever everyone was ratting about.

  • BrodieTheDog

    Easy there. Don’t you have anything better to do than complain?

  • ????Dennis

    Ryan, don’t even sweat it. The grammar police must have had a crappy thanksgiving and are just bitter. I appreciate that you have still given us something to read during the holidays.

    The Toronto Sun has full time editors and I still find grammar mistakes, but who cares. Doesnt stop me from reading it each day. Don’t appologize to these cry babies. I never see anyone comment on your amazing video reviews that you do so well, but I’m sure most enjoy them.

  • ChristieNooks

    “Samsung treats their child workers far more worser”- iphone website. LOL

  • beavisaur

    Ya, Props on the video reviews!

    oops, i used a capitol p after a comma, and I forgot to capitalize the eye at the beginning of this here sentace and the oh at the beginning.

    “Me fail English? That’s unpossible”

  • RyanStOnge

    Hate to break it to you, Kris Meador is our video guy here at iPhoneinCanada. All credit goes to him on the videos.Thanks for the feedback though. 🙂

  • Coluch

    Sorry about the harshness of the comment. I was having a rough time when I wrote that. Usually I would keep it to myself.

    It always burns me when I see basic errors in media though. If an actor doesn’t act well, if a singer doesn’t sing well, it diminishes your enjoyment of their efforts.

    That said, I appreciate the efforts nonetheless.