Samsung Continues To Copy Apple, Now With The New Galaxy S 4 Ad [VIDEO]



Samsung has once again made a shameless attempt at copying Apple. Only this time, it’s not related to any Apple hardware but is rather a design video for its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. As pointed out by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s ad “feels a heck of a lot like” the kinds of design videos that Apple releases for its products, such as the one for the iPhone 5 or the one Apple released when the Retina display MacBook Pro was introduced.

Even though majority of critics all over the web have labelled the Galaxy S4 as essentially an evolutionary device and not a revolutionary one, Samsung’s video strongly focuses on the design of the Galaxy S 4. Here’s what the WSJ says about the new Samsung ad:

The build is similar to the S 3, the performance is a huge step up, but there isn’t that wow feature that many were hoping to see. 

Apple is known for having the kinds of videos and ads that are supposed to feel emotional. And now Samsung is getting into it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Take a look at the video and compare it with Apple’s Retina MBP design video posted below:


  • I like the iPhone ad better, because I don’t have to read subtitles to understand what a person is trying to say.

  • WatDah

    After watching the Samsung video, I’m more confused about this product than ever.

    A group of unknown designers telling us what a modern day smartphone is, but not once did they explain exactly how the S4 is a “life companion”? What and why they choose to use the materials they used? How and why did they come up with this design? How this design actually improves usability in a meaningful way? What actual significant improvement(s) where made better compared to previous models? How these improvement(s) help the user in real-world situations? How is the S4 not just a bigger faster S3? It’s also worth noting, that as a promotional video, how many times did they even show someone using the phone? Twice. Playing a video, and flipping through pictures.

  • WatDah

    Don’t worry, you wouldn’t miss anything, since they’re not saying much of anything.

  • FragilityG4

    I can’t see how fAndroids can sit there and say Apple lacks innovation … If Apple lacks innovation than so does Samsung because that’s where they, shamelessly, steal all their ideas from … Pretty lame Milhouse.

  • John Linden

    Wow these iBoys and iGirls scare me.

  • westben

    OMG – I am a 4 year iPhone user (3gs/4s) but I have a buddy with a S3- I am impressed and I am sure the S4 is even more so, I can tell you that the processor puts the Iphone 5 to shame in the the S3 and I read reviews on S4 and its blazing (twice that of the 5). Since Apple shot itself in the foot by nixing Samsung as it cpu design/mfgr, I fear apple will fall even farther behind in processor power (relative to new Androids). On the battery front, the S4 edges out the 5 even through the display (OLED) takes more power than the retina, having said that, theres more screen real estate, and to the average user retina vs. S4’s OLED is hard to say one is better than the other (however I yield to the technical facts and say i5’s retina is superior), but when your past your 30’s can your ears hear the dog whistle? can your eyes detect the minute nuances between two very good displays.

    Since the first iPhone, apple has increase cpu power by 12x, Samsung… 24x, and these new keeno neato power hungry apps that can do so much… well, why stick with a 486.

    Happy trails iFans, remember to drink plenty of fluids and wear a bandana so you dont choke on the dust of the Samsung (remember they shipped 2x more smartphones than apple) These guys will be the dominators in the long run. You like closed architecture?, like the teeny icon that is indicative that flash doesnt run? like iTunes dictatorship over developers? run with apple

    Like Open architecture?, the Droid is your answer…


  • Waaaa, Iwhiners Waaaa stop the insanity.
    Do you remember when the mac came on the market, guess who Apple stole ALL the GUI idea from – Xerox, they even stole Jef Raskin, the inventor to help build the mac/lisa. Hell they even stole the mouse from them, while we’re at it ethernet was a god send vs apple talk – inovators hmmm? Fact is the iPhone has now dropped to less than 37 million shipped vs Samsung smartphone’s 66 Mil last Q, Apples gain last Q was 7% (and dropping), Samsung’s gain was > 30% this Q, 56% up over last year same Q

    The truth is, Apple has had it’s 15 minutes of fame, move over, I think Samsung is next…. who knows maybe Huawei will be after Samsung (take a look at the Ascend D2, water/dust proof)