Samsung Developing 5G Technology That Can Download Entire Movies In Seconds


Korean technology giant Samsung has claimed that it is working on 5G wireless technology which is hundreds of times faster than today’s 4G LTE, and would allow users to download entire movies within seconds, AppleInsider reports. Samsung made the announcement yesterday that it has achieved download and upload speeds of tens of gigabits per second (Gbps), by using the 28GHz waveband. Current 4G LTE networks max out at 75 Mbps.

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The company announced yesterday that it used 64 antenna elements in order to accomplish the high-speed data transfer, and it expects that it can commercialize the technology by 2020. Meanwhile, China has also been pouring funding into next-generation wireless technology, with hopes to roll it out around the same time frame.

Samsung on Sunday announced that it had developed a core component of its 5G network by solving a problem that has stymied the wireless industry, Yonhap News reported. In practice, that speed would allow wireless users to download a full HD movie in seconds. Samsung executives see the technology enabling a wide range of rich applications. 

Samsung is however not alone in developing next generation wireless technology, nor is its recently announced demonstration the fastest of its kind. NTT DoCoMo in February announced that it had successfully conducted a 10Gbps wireless test in Japan last year using the 11GHz band.

Even though upgrading to 4G LTE gives customers significantly faster speed than 3G, a survey last year found that nearly half of North American consumers felt they don’t need it.


  • “Felt they don’t need it” sure, but “would love to have it” none the less I’m sure 😛

  • How will 5G impact the battery life? I turn off LTE on my iPhone 5 because of battery drain. Hopefully the battery technology will improve before 2020.

  • K4

    Great… now I’ll blow through by 6GB data plan in minutes.. Yay Rogers 🙁

  • are you constantly downloading? Mine lasts all day, sure I am not watching movies or anything but I don’t turn it off, can’t deal with 3G anymore, got so use to having speeds as fast or faster then my home internet.

  • Josh

    And why do we need this?
    I do fine with HSPA+, all day battery life. I don’t get the point of making it faster, it works for me.

  • gerry

    Heard of WiFi? lol.

  • At 28GHz, I don’t think this could penetrate buildings very well. My hunch is that this is intended as a short-range WiFi-type of technology, not a cellular 3G/4G tech?

    I suppose it could work at long ranges for short periods of time if there’s clear air (or line of sight) between you and the cell tower…?

  • Brian Klug (senior smartphone editor at Anandtech) has said before that LTE doesn’t necessarily result in worse battery life than 3G/HSPA+. In fact, it can result in less battery drain in situations where it finishes what it’s doing faster than 3G and your device/transceiver can go back to sleep more quickly.

  • f

    you’re dumbest person I’ve come across in this country. The cell phone provider will obviously provide much more data with your plan when the speeds are higher. I bet you barely hit 2 GB with LTE.

  • WatDah

    Buddy, are you too stressed? Try developing a sense of humor, it will help.

  • Jonny

    Yeah ive heard of wifi, cause you know you can just bring it around with you and havr internet via wifi everywhere thats normal.

  • f

    don’t feed me that 21st century hipster statement.

  • xxxJDxxx

    This is just testing and no where near an industry standard technology and most likely nothing like what the consumer market will eventually see. Things like battery life dont even need to be worried about at this point.

    I think the last line of the post brings up a better point, which is that the technology is now exceeding what the average consumer needs.