Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Earbuds Leak, Look Exactly Like Apple EarPods [PICS]


With Mobile World Congress set to kick off next week in Barcelona, Spain, eyes are on Samsung and its next Galaxy S6 release, which has leaked in various photos.

Now, according to new images posted to the forums (via SamMobile), we might have a glimpse at Samsung’s next big thing for your ears, which look identical to Apple’s EarPods. Check them out below:

2986848 Galaxy S6 earphone leak 3

Below is a picture of Apple’s EarPods for comparison’s sake:

Screenshot 2015 02 27 11 16 37

More images of Samsung’s alleged upcoming earphones:

2986849 Galaxy S6 earphone leak 4

Apple’s Earpod volume control:

Screenshot 2015 02 27 11 18 03

2986863 Galaxy S6 earphone leak 18

Apple released their EarPods back in the fall of 2012, alongside the iPhone 5. Here’s a refresher on how magical these earphones are, according to Apple design chief Jony Ive:

What do you think of Samsung’s new earphone design? EarPod ‘knockoff’ or just a coincidence?


  • Mark Roberts

    Thicker cables > apple’s earbuds

  • Dingleberry

    Gary I think you need to re-read the definitely of ‘exactly’.

    Apart from the colour and connector, LITERALLY everything is different. The S6 earbuds use a tangle resistant ribbon cable, the volume control is different, and the earbud is directional.

    Plus BOSE came out with that design in 2010 with the IE2’s.

  • Dingleberry

    definition* (not definitely :P)

  • FragilityG4

    The similarities are too much, too often when it comes to Samsung.

  • einsteinbqat

    Told ya! Samsung is back to what worked best for it: copying Apple.