Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Pricing in Canada Announced


The folks over at Android Authority have just published a detailed spec sheet for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet, revealing an improved S Pen stylus, out-of-the box support for the latest ‘Android 8.0 Oreo’ OS and a powerful battery.

Samsung held an event today to unveil the new Note 8, and gave some media outlets advanced units for hands-on testing.

With the latest chipsets, 6 GB of RAM, IP68 water-resistance, a dual camera system, 6.3-inch QHD+ AMOLED display and storage options up to 256 GB, the South Korean company’s upcoming flagship device looks impressive on paper, although real life performance could be a completely different story, not just for Note 8, but for just about every new Android flagship smartphone.

The device will be priced at about $1299 CAD outright, so it’s not exactly cheap. No word whether this phone will burst into flames like the Note 7 (#toosoon?).

Canadian pricing for the Note 8 on contract is similarly pricey as well from Rogers, Telus and Bell. Expect to pay $550 or $750 upfront for the device, with minimum monthly plans of $85 or $95 per month on a two-year term.

Check out the full Galaxy Note 8 spec sheet below and tell us what you think:


Specs b


  • G-Money41

    What the hell is in that picture up top? That’s not the Note8.

    Also – it doesn’t come with Android 8.0, but instead with 7.1.1.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Starting price of $1,299CDN? Damn, prices of these things are heading into premium laptop category.

  • Riddlemethis

    This is absurd.

    What makes the note better than the Galaxy 8 plus which has been around for 1/2 year. Both are using an older professor. If the Note had a snapdragon 845 it could somehow rationalize the premium price.

    Besides, carriers will be offering discounts on the Galaxy 8 soon. However that’s with a contract renewal. We rarely see discounts on non contact pricing.

  • Riddlemethis

    Ha. Not quite. Have you looked at premium laptops these days? They are around $3K and up. This is the equivalent of low to middle end laptop. And don’t buy HP. Very poor reliability.

  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    A high end laptop used to be $1500 few years ago and a high end phone used to be about $600-700 few years ago
    as we advance with newer technology, the price keeps going up.

  • DC

    The back is very fugly!

  • Ed

    Rogers is doing s8 for free now, s8+ for 99

  • Shameer Mulji

    If you look at the new Macbook Pros, the 13″ model starts at $1,729 and goes all the way up to $3,699 for a top of the line 15″ MBP. So that’s essentially your premium range right there. Prices on the Note8 and most likely the iPhone 8 / Pro, are not that far off.

  • Riddlemethis

    Ha. If one can afford or want an Apple computer of any kind one shouldn’t be complaining about price. Let’s not get off the track. Windows laptops are still the most common and popular laptops made. Those who want a Mac are a unique demographic.

    Next month we’ll be hearing the affluent and early adopters complaining about the iPhone 8 and Note 8 prices. People need to lower their expectations and stop buying ridiculously priced technology just to be part of the in-crowd.