Samsung Launches New iPhone Attack Ad: Grad Pool Party [VIDEO]


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With today’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the South Korean company has launched a new ad targeting the iPhone (via CNET). It has some characters we have seen from previous ads used to portray the iPhone as an inferior product. Check it out below:

Some Galaxy S4 customers have recently been upset with the company over its advertised 16GB model only coming with 8GB of usable storage, due to the operating system consuming half of the stated capacity.

Let us know what you think of this latest Samsung vs iPhone ad in the comments!


  • WatDah

    Funny how even a S4 commercial is pretty much the same as a S3 commercial, just in a different form. Just sad how they are stepping on others to make themselves look better.

  • Apst

    Well, apple did the exact same thing with intel back in the days, if you remember

  • but not with phones, and at the time it wasn’t intel it was PC’s in general. but still it seems to much like a political campaign to me. I guess Samsung isn’t doing as well as they hoped.

  • FragilityG4

    The difference between an Apple commercial and a Samsung one is that Apple doesn’t need to have a cheap plastic Samsung phone in their commercial in order to showcase its features. It seems that every Samsung commercial has an iPhone in it.

    S4 — Next Big Thing … What a joke … More like Galaxy S3S

  • Guest

    Is it just me or do they use that same touching phones to share thing in every one of their commercials?

  • I’ve had my S3 for almost a year, never a case or screen protector, not a scratch on it, I can’t say that about any of the iPhones I’ve had, especially the 5.

  • FragilityG4

    Good for you! But heed my words, if you were to accidentally drop it (or on purpose if that’s your thing) you will feel the full wrath that is the cheap plastic phone — and sadness will ensue …

  • John Linden

    You must be a typical iBoy.

  • John Linden

    Funny how even a iPhone 5 commercial is pretty much the same as a iPhone 4S commercial, just in a different form HAHA

  • FragilityG4

    Facts are facts fAndroid.

  • FragilityG4

    Apple doesn’t have to make fun Samsung in order to sell its product.

  • iFone

    No need to fight with these fAndroids. All Samsung is showcasing are gimmicky, bloated junkware that we know in real life has serious bugs and it most cases will drive people nuts.

    All it matter are apps and the ecosystem and the best on that is Apple…so really the commercial is grasping at straws…nothing else

  • FragilityG4

    Well said.

  • Doesn’t pretty much every phone have bad things happen to it if it’s dropped on the ground? Certainly the iPhone does. I and a few of my friends have all felt the pain of having to pay for a glass screen replacement. Honestly, I’d rather have a cracked plastic phone than a shattered glass phone.

    Despite that, I still choose to own an iPhone over any Android device, but I definitely don’t count the durability of the glass screen as one of its advantages.

  • The thing I find funny about this ad is that they’re comparing two types of users more than they’re comparing two different phones. They have the 40+ aged iPhone users and the early 20s Samsung users showing off features that the 40+ group didn’t know existed. But that tends to happen all the time just based on those age groups, regardless of what phones they all have.

    I’ve been with my parents many times where I’ve shown them amazing features on my iPhone that they didn’t know existed, even though they also own an iPhone. Likewise, I’ve spent time with my in-laws showing them features of their new Windows phones that they never new existed.

    Samsung needs to stop implying that only older people use iPhones and start showing us users that actually know what their phones can do some features that make the Galaxy S4 actually unique, other than the ability to rub my phone against someone else’s to send them a picture that would be just as convenient to text or email.

  • Upon second viewing, I realized the wave-to-answer feature is also unique, but something tells me that would end up being more annoying than helpful.

  • FragilityG4

    I wasn’t speaking of the screen … I was referring to the back plate. My iPhone 5 is aluminum back plate and has shown to be the must durable in drop tests time and time again. My previous phone (iPhone 3GS) had cracks in the back plate without it ever being dropped.

  • Ah, I see. That makes sense. Yeah, I’ve got an iPhone 4S with a glass back, which aesthetically I like better than the plastic back that was on my 3GS, but durability isn’t its strong suit. 😉

  • AccordXTC

    I find it funny how Apple fans or Droid fans will talk about a commercial on this or that. Who cares enjoy what you have period. Geeesh there just a phone

  • R2D2

    I think you can decided to turn that function on/off. I can only find it helpful when my hands are dirty. I can see that iPhone user tends to attack the phone function which they don’t have on the iPhone as useless or stupid function. In fact they’re just jeoulous. I’m an iPhone user and am waiting my contract over then will change to Samsung/Sony/HTC. Without changing, iPhone is not going anywhere. Just keep making it longer see how it goes!!

  • jb

    I’ve always been an iPhone fan, i’ve had the iPhone 3 and 4 and my next phone is going to be a Samsung … why? … because Apple had stopped being innovative. There’s nothing new and exciting about it anymore. Between the iPhone 3/3gs/4/4s/5, aside form the size of the screen, Siri (which i’d never use) and the general design – nothing had changed. Speak all you want about the commercials but numbers talk louder and you watch, Samsung will surpass Apple soon.

    That being said, i have nothing against the iPhone, a spectacular product that deserves all the kudos in the world.

  • WatDah

    I felt exactly the same when I decided to ditch Apple after using 2G-3Gs-4G, that’s 5 years. I got myself a S3, and after a month, I couldn’t wait to get rid of it for the iPhone 5. I learned that by keeping things simple, it makes my life that much more easier. The core of iOS might got boring throughout the years, but the little changes within the OS definitely made the experience more seamless and enjoyable. At the end of the day, I’d rather have a phone that’s fully functional in it’s simplest form, than a phone with all the customization you could make, only to find it complicating things in the end. Good Luck.

  • Eco system?

    Like crApple making their phones in chinese sweatshops?

    Yeah, sorry, but aluminum mining causes way more polution(ground and water in the form of heavy metal pollution, which then ends up in your food.) than making some plastic(a bit of CO and CO2, which isn’t so bad, cuz trees just absorb that shit)

  • SV650

    How many of these tasks can be done using existing apps? I know Bump app allows cross platform file sharing including photos, a media remote app for my Sony TV, and the notification centre shows incoming messages. This leaves wave to answer, and stop motion photo. Since the latter might be as well presented as a movie, I’m not sure this advances anything.

  • iFone

    Forgot to say, most fAndroids suffer from illiteracy (at least the great majority it seems) and confuse words. Maybe they should have an iPhone to enjoy its ECOSYSTEM of apps, including the iTunes U and take some English courses there…
    Also Max-y, do you know where plastic comes from? I think iTunes U have some courses on that too…