Samsung Faces Lawsuit in China Over Unremovable Bloatware


Shanghai Consumer Council has filed a lawsuit in China against Samsung and Chinese smartphone vendor Oppo after receiving complaints over the amount of unwanted, pre-installed apps on devices, known in the industry as bloatware (via Patently Apple).


As the court documents reveal, consumers complained about the Galaxy Note 3 sporting 44 pre-installed apps in the Chinese market. But that number looks tiny compared to the another device, the Oppo Find 7a, which comes with 71 pre-installed apps taking a huge amount of space.

The group moved the case to court after carefully inspecting 20 smartphones, which all come with software ranging from moderately useful apps to online shopping services. On top of that, consumers complained about some apps that steal cellular data.

Apple has recently been in hot water over a similar matter involving the iPhone 5, but the court ruled in Apple’s favour.

The main problem according to the consumer group is that neither company informed customers about the number of pre-installed apps, and there is no information about how to uninstall them.

As a result, the consumer group is after a ruling that would require Samsung and Oppo to fill the gap, and provide instructions on how to remove unwanted, pre-installed apps.


  • It’ll be hard to convince Samsung and other not to have so much bloatware. They get paid royalties for having all these apps preinstalled, and of course pushing their own ecosystem. It’s no different than buying a PC from Bestbuy or something, It’ll come with an overwhelming amount of “Bloatware” from 90day trial antivirus, office software, DVD software, etc.

    It’ll be interesting to see if this case even gets off the ground, and see if anything comes of it.

  • I can’t imagine having bloatware on my smartphone. PC maybe, but on a smartphone that just is a waste of resources.

  • It really is. I’ve had 34 Android devices pass through my fingers during my blogging career (no joke) and some are really good about it, and some like Samsung are horrible.

    Take the Galaxy s5 for example. It had 2gb of ram, however only about 400mb where available straight out of the box before you downloaded all your personal apps. This of course killed multitasking for the most part, as it could only remember the last 3-4 processes before flushing old stuff away, causing the app to reload upon launch. Newer devices now have 3gb of ram, however they keep adding more stuff it becomes overwhelming after a while.

  • CanucksGoals

    If consumers who purchased Samsung phones have the option to remove bloatware themselves with ease then this case won’t go anywhere.
    However, if it is like Apple’s iPhone, then we can start something here. They might as well sue Apple too since I can’t remove a lot of preinstall apps on my iPhone.