New Samsung Ad Mocks Silly iPhone Users Over ‘Screen Envy’ [VIDEO]


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Samsung has launched a new ad targeting iPhone users who have been patiently waiting for a larger screen. The ad depicts a Galaxy S5 user next to an iPhone 5s user excited about larger screen rumours. The narrator then says the ‘awesome’ and bigger screen that’s supposedly been coming for two years is already here–in the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S 5’s 5.1″ HD display is the screen your friends wish they had — and now they’re lining up to watch over your shoulder.

Again, the iPhone user is made to look like hopeless simpleton. Earlier this month, Samsung launched an ad targeting iPhone users, calling them ‘wall huggers’ over the the need to keep their devices charged. A more recent ad also mocked the iPad over its lack of multitasking and lower contrast ratio.

Samsung is feeling the heat from Chinese competitors, blamed for causing the company to miss estimates in its Q2 profits, causing their mobile managers to return partial bonuses over the dismal earnings. The company’s rumoured Galaxy Alpha is set to debut this fall to battle Apple’s new iPhones.

Apple is rumoured to launch two larger iPhone 6 models this fall. Once those larger screen sizes arrive, Samsung won’t be able to mock the iPhone anymore—or will they?


  • WestCoastStar

    Why would iPhone users have large screen envy when there’s the iPad Mini, and iPad? Sounds like Sammy is really afraid of Apple.

  • f1ght3r

    yeah I’ve always wanted an inferior built product, with cheap plastic and an a convoluted os. Thanks Samsung.

  • Chrome262

    and lower cost Chinese competition, that happens to be iPhone and Galaxy knockoffs (knockoff of a knockoff?), And some are pretty good lol. Why would you spend the money to get a plastic Samsung when you can get a plastic knock off thats pretty much the same.

  • FragilityG4

    If Apple users envy so much why was Samsungs sales so far down?

  • Lemontwist

    Mock or not. I’m not buying a Samsung phone. Plus I do like the iphone5 size.

  • Hasabans

    Such a cheap shot. As always.. Why don’t Samsung work on providing a real warranty to start with. Not a joke of a customer service center that’s not reachable 95% of the time and blame the customer for whatever problem arises with the phone. Not to mention a very dull interface and dumb logics behind their os

  • JAY

    your all stupid fucks why would you buy a iphone witch is also plastic remember the 5c and cast $50 dollers less then the 5s also the iphone you cant do shit with it you buy a phone for $800 with a smaller screen and same price as samsung with bigger screen and they have it locked and you have to use there apps and software only and nothing else where samsung its open and do whatever you want with it ones its out of the store including download music right to the phone with out a pc you cant do shit with iphone with out pc and ones you do hook it to your pc you use a fucked up pogram everyone hates called itunes witch you never need on samsung just drag and drop all you people are hating on samsung but in the end you all know samsung are smart and thats why they took so meny apple fans to samsung all my friends switched and never go back so talk all the shit you want but apple is losing the war

  • Did you forget to take your medicine?

  • Rickyscv

    why you should stay in school…