Samsung Puts The Galaxy S6 Edge Against Apple’s iPhone 6 in Latest Ads



Today, Samsung has released two ads that put its latest Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone against the iPhone 6.

Here is the first ad which Samsung is using to showcase the edge display abilities of the Galaxy S6 Edge:

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a display that wraps around the edge of the phone, giving users gimmicky features like that ability to have the edge of the phone light up in a different colour for each contact (when receiving a phone call). The edge also acts as a notification bar, allowing users to access notifications and other features without having to turn on the phone’s entire display.

In the second ad (seen below), the Korean smartphone giant compares the Galaxy S6 Edge to the iPhone when it comes to features like wireless charging and the front-facing camera.

Samsung is no stranger to creating ads that showcase their flagship products against their top competitors (normally Apple) in an attempt to sell their product.


  • FragilityG4

    The Edge looks nice but I fail to see the purpose.

  • Nick

    It seems as though its a feature that you will use for the first week and then the fad will wear off.

  • ????Dennis

    I’m glad Samsung finally created a phone worthy of being a contender to the iphone. This will only make Apple create better iterations for us. Thanks Samsung!

  • FragilityG4

    Wear off or cover up with a case!

  • Tim

    I’d consider buying it (the s6, not the edge) if it came with stock android like the nexus series. Can’t stand the Samsung skin. I’ve been an iPhone holdout for the camera, but it sounds like this phone is either as good or better in that department.

  • Ron

    Don’t worry, when Apple copies the edge display in a few years, you will see it’s purpose.

  • FragilityG4

    What makes you think Apple would copy this? There is really no purpose to it unless you lay your phone on a table and squat down to get an edge view of the side. It truly is a gimmick … A nice looking gimmick but just a gimmick.