Samsung Surpasses Apple To Become The Global Leader In Smartphone Market


According to the latest numbers released by International Data Corporation this Tuesday (via Apple Insider), Samsung has ousted Nokia to become the world’s top mobile phone vendor. At the same time, Samsung has surpassed Apple for the smartphone leadership position by establishing a new market record for the number of smartphones shipped in a single quarter (42.2 million). Apple has slipped to second place in the worldwide smartphone market, followed by Nokia, RIM and HTC.

Citing the news source:

Vendors shipped 144.9 million smartphones in 1Q12 compared to 101.7 million units in 1Q11. The 42.5% year-over-year growth was 1% higher than IDC’s forecast of 41.5% for the quarter, and lower than the 57.4% growth in the fourth quarter of 2011.

“The race between Apple and Samsung remained tight during the quarter, even as both companies posted growth in key areas,” said Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC’s Mobile Phone Technology and Trends program. “Apple launched its popular iPhone 4S in additional key markets, most notably in China, and Samsung experienced continued success from its Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet and other Galaxy smartphones. With other companies in the midst of major strategic transitions, the contest between Apple and Samsung will bear close observation as hotly-anticipated new models are launched.”

Both RIM and Nokia are trying to keep up with Apple and Samsung. The Canadian phone maker has already started the countdown on the release of BlackBerry 10, hoping to lure its customers back to the BlackBerry platform.


  • Tmb2

    Of course companies like Rogers are giving away Samsung smart phones in order to seduce customers into joining its ranks. The latest promotion includes the Xbox 360 + Kinnect on top of a Samsung phone. My partner and I went for this upgrade in order to get the Xbox 360. I’ve been playing with the Samsung android phone for a week now. It basically sucks. There’s no logic to the interface. I still haven’t figured out how to get my mail or calendar onto it. It does have a couple of features I like but overall it just feels too klutzy in my hands, and the OS is a disaster is far as how things are organized and accessed Thank God I still have my iPhone 4S!

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