Samsung Teases Gear S2 Smartwatch, Looks Like a Round Apple Watch


On Thursday, Samsung teased a new smartwatch during its Galaxy Note 5 launch event. Engadget notes that the new smartwatch will be called the Gear S2 and it will run on Samsung’s own Tizen OS just like the original Gear S.

Samsung’s Gear S2 features a rounded display with home screen icons that look exactly like the Apple Watch. Here is a picture of the Apple Watch’s home screen:


Here is a picture of the Gear S2’s home screen:


BGR expects that we will learn more about the Samsung Gear S2 at IFA in Berlin. Do you think the Gear S2 is another blatant attempt to copy Apple? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Tim

    How is it a “blatant attempt to copy Apple”? The icons are round, yes, but so is the watch and Apple’s is not round. Round icons make sense for a round screen. One of the reasons Apple made round icons is to leave open that possibility. I guarantee it.

  • ShaBi

    Nope. Nothing other than round icons.

  • __

    Blah bla ha ha ha. Copy Apple . No way. The traditional round face is copying watches of yesterday, alot nicer than the Apple watch shape.

  • Jay

    Looks a lot nicer than an apple watch anyways…

  • MistahTibbs

    You might want to look that word up in the dictionary.
    I like the round look better but that’s a personal preference.

  • What a joke. Those icons aren’t fooling anyone. Move the sun to the other side of the clouds. They basically “sample” Apple’s design like a music artist samples another song to make a new song.