Samsung Thinks You’re a Loser If You Lined Up for the iPhone 4S [Video]


Apple and Samsung are currently embroiled in an endless array of lawsuits over patent disputes. Samsung has previously agreed to not block iPhone 4S sales in South Korea. The legal battle continues and no end is in sight.

In their latest marketing campaign, Samsung pokes fun at people who waited in line for the iPhone 4S. Forget the iPhone 4S, you need a Galaxy SII!

The best line from the ad?

“I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative.”

“You’re a barista.”


Did Samsung go too far? Or was this just a clever ad?

(You can’t see this, but a slow tear just streamed down my face. Damn you Samsung, damn you…)

[via Mashable]


  • Sam

    Hilarious ad.

  • Sus

    Almost as bad as the users…always jabbing

  • Lucky

    Why wud some1 line up for Samsung Galaxy “**”. Thers no demand for it…ultimately no lineups! Samsung Aliens are stupid!

  • Ya’ll just mad, cuz you suckers just got SERVED!!!

  • Also, I use both a S2 LTE & 4S, I am definitely having more fun with S2 than 4S. As for the 4S, I am still waiting for a untethered jailbreak. Outside of jailbreak, just any other iPhone, besides camera.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was hilarious. Nothing like poking fun at fanboys. Waiting in lines for days in front of an Apple store is stupid. Order online or be patient, it’s just a phone. Best line was “How will anyone know I have it if it looks the same?”

  • Obviously, the antenna bars are different, duh! There’s now 4 instead of 3, and they are symmetrically placed. How would people NOT notice that. /sarcasm ūüėÄ

  • Hee hee hee ūüėÄ

    I gotta say, though, this reminds me a bit of the Mac vs PC ads. Except this time it’s reversed!

  • Neil

    All in all it’s just an ad for apple. They put their product in the less than ideal position.

  • I’m surprised Samsung showed a shot of the iPhone there. Free airtime!

  • F76R657ER67

    ‘Haha fuck yeah karma is a bitch ain’t it apple?

  • F76R657ER67

    Sad thing is I got the iphone 4s on launch day. However, I am seriously having doubts about my purchase. The GSII, galaxy nexus and all these other android phones are looking mighty damn fine right about now.

  • Anonymous

    I am using iPhone 4 myself but I got my wife an GSII as soon as Apple announced 4S only. So disappointed. Now, after almost 2 months, there are goods and bads on both side. The screen part, bigger is always better, otherwise why you guys got the iPad when you already have an iPhone?

    The only thing I don’t like about GSII is the battery life. It drains power much faster than iPhone 4. But it is ok, we both have an extra battery pack for at least 2 times of battery life.

    Now, when you go to the cell phone shops, the salesman will encourage to get GSII because “it’s better”. It already happened to 2 of my friends.

  • King

    Wow, go samsung lol. I’ve got everything apple now and still no regrets. The ad was pretty funny though haha

  • Repairshop831

    hella dumb. cant samsung defend them selves in another way lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Do you truly believe these ads will make any difference?

  • Anonymous

    I would say -1 here.

    Apple have been doing the exact same thing vs pc windows in their ads for years. So…

  • Anonymous

    The famous “iPhone suck but I own all phones anyway including the mentionned iPhone”.

  • Guest

    It made it onto an iPhone blog. As a digital marketer myself, I would think this is money well spent. And in all honesty they are on the money with the reasons i didn’t upgrade from and iPhone4. Alas I will probably wait for an iPhone 5 or support my Canadian company BB of their QNX platform is half decent. Buy local, bitches.

  • Windroll

    I’ll try Samsung when it can think on itself. Not copy from hardware to design, now even commercial, but like other copies, with less taste.

  • Anon

    The only good thing about the 4S right now is Siri.¬† That’s it.¬† It completely sucks with no untethered Jailbreak.¬† I have both the 4S and S2, and the S2 is really kicking 4S ass right now.¬† No need to ever worry about Jailbreaks when you’re rooted (total freedom), and the bigger screen is a big difference.¬† All the apps on the 4S are available on Android (minus Siri).¬† I’m seriously considering dumping my unlocked 4S if the untethered JB isn’t out anytime soon.

  • Anon

    Yeah sure.¬† That ad really makes me want to keep my 4S now.¬† Small ass screen, no 4G support, looks exactly like the previous model, and waiting in line (like a dork with no life) for 12 hours for hardware that was already available in the S2 6+ months prior.¬† Yup, that puts their product in the “less than ideal position”.¬† LMAO!

  • Anon

    Seeing as how Apple has been making fun of PC’s in their commercials, this ad is epic.¬†

  • Anon

    LOL.¬† Exactly.¬† iFanboi’s never learn.

  • Helvetica

    Except that Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads made fun of Windows not the people who use Windows.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but that windows/pc guy looked like he had 2 IQ… anyway.

  • Hyperextension

    I think that is a super funny ad! ¬†Love it. ¬†Everything else aside…why would I want to leave Apple? ¬†They are a great company with great products. ¬†All the Apple products I own (too many to count) have been trouble free. ¬†The one time I did have an issue with my MBP (faulty GPU), I took it to the Apple store, they looked at it and replaced it on the spot. ¬†Try doing that with a PC you bought at Best Buy or Future Shop. ¬†Can you say “days of red tape”? ¬†Apple’s service is the best I have ever received. ¬†That is why I stay with Apple and use the iPhone. ¬†Besides having great products, they are a great company to deal with. ¬†Apple makes it simple. ¬†Don’t think this add will diminish the line ups at the next iPhone launch. ¬†The next iPhone will be even more successful. ¬†BTW…how many apps are available for other phones? ¬†Apple’s App Store is the best. ¬†I miss my jailbreak, but the iPhone 4S sure offered a lot of things that is making it easier to live without a jailbreak…for now.

  • Anon

    You won’t feel the same way once you’ve owned a Samsung S2.¬† It makes my 4S look and feel so outdated.

  • Anonymous

    Lol. They have to say its better. It’s easier than saying “We are out of stock on the 4s… sorry”.

  • Anonymous

    Honest question, what are you doing with the S2 LTE that makes it definitely more fun?

  • Alex

    Apple offered nothing with 4S that wasn’t already in the market. I got GSII after using my 4S for 2 days. But I’m planning on replacing my wife’s 4 with my GSII when Samsung Nexus comes in January.

  • Hyperextension

    Well that won’t be happening lol. ¬†Like I said…I have ZERO reason to move or change. ¬†The iPhone fits me perfectly and I do not need more. ¬†Apple removes the headache involved in other aspects of it. ¬†

  • Guestovic

    Well, if so many people line up for iPhones, it means it’s the better product

    lol fandroids are mad buahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    No it doesn’t! That’s like saying we line up for drivers license/ health card renewals because it’s a fun experience. The 4S was not even close to the best product on the market. It’s just because apple has its dedicated followers… If apple would produce an appropriate ammount of phones there would be no lines.

    I’m not saying apple has a bad product but the 4S is not the best product.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever dude… you were totally the one of the handful of people who lined up for an SII….

  • Anonymous

    For the record, lining up for an iPhone is nothing like lining up to get your license renewed, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. In my opinion, Samsung should have gotten a little more creative with the ad instead of just further alienating potential customers… but what do I know, I’m only a barista.

  • Mgladz

    Ha that was a pathetic commercial of a dying corporation. Samsung must think of a better one. Good try thouh

  • Anonymous

    Your right, because you actually NEED to get your license renewed.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you what. Lining up the first day was fun. It’s great hanging out with a bunch of other iPhone users. Great place to share experience and network. Good time. Plus it only took about and hour and a half. Big deal. Have you ever lined up at an amusement park to ride a roller coaster or lined up for a concert?

    Another point. I really like my iPhone. I have a gs2. And in my opinion it only a tiny bit faster. For all the hype I was expecting more. Plus if you think about it. Every smart phone out there with a touch screen and apps is a take off of the iPhone in the first place. Apple was the first to bring a functional product to market.

    People lining up for an iPhone has to do with two things. Marketing and without a doubt the quality of the product. Sure some people buy iPhones because is trendy but the majority buy it because it a great product. And that’s the point here.

    Enough of my rambling. That’s my two cents.

  • SINISTERjoker

    Agreed. LoserS

  • SINISTERjoker

    Agreed. LoserS.

  • Actually it would be nice to see this with windows phone 7, then it would be a reversal. I think the biggest thing agains the galaxy is Android. while a decent OS, it has lots of issues, and companies often give users a hard time to upgrade. Now the Nexus doesn’t limit its customers to whatever upgrade they allow, they let you get the update right away. Funny comercial though.

  • LOL I would love to buy local, if BB didn’t continually shoot themselves in the foot. Why would I buy a phone that offers not support when they update the OS, or better yet when they finally fail and get bought out.¬†

  • Nick

    Personally I’ve lost the illusion of apple creating ‘trouble free’ products. When I bought my first MBP the SuperDrive wouldn’t read burned disks, turned out the store had a whole batch of them with bad SuperDrives, so I went with the bigger 17 inch model and it was fine. When I bought the iPhone 4 it was nothing but trouble at first – everyone remember the proximity sensor issue? The screen was constantly turning on in a call and I was hanging up or activating FaceTime or something with me cheek. Then I bought the 4S and am a little disappointed that it’s not that much better than the 4, and while Siri is it’s best feature it runs fine on a jailbroken 4, or even 3GS since most of the processing is done on apple’s servers.. So it seems like a bit of a rip to spend all that money on new hardware. And then I bought a new MBP a couple weeks ago – the first time I took it out of the house it failed. Turned out it had a bad logic board that only failed when running on batteries… So I bought another one and returned the original for refund since I don’t live near an apple store.. All this and when I suggested they give me free AppleCare on the new MBP to make up for the hassle they still said no… And that’s $420 with tax. I know how to use a computer. I never call tech support for anything except when there’s a hardware failure or they release a bug in a software update. If they made a better product i wouldn’t need AppleCare at all.

  • Nick

    Oh yeah and then there was the time when just a week before my AppleCare expired on my last MBP the screen wouldn’t turn on. Turned out it was a bad logic board and a known issue with that batch of MBPs but they were only replacing then when they failed rather then doing a recall.

  • Anonymous

    So hipsters only use iPhones? and Baristas….sigh

  • Lol Samsung is a bully!

  • Anonymous

    No, dud, they were not out of stock. Have you ever heard of any store is out of iPhone 4S now? Come on man, when iPhone 4 published, the out of stock situation last for months. iPhone 4S not even 2 weeks then it’s quiet. Apple had to delay the shipment because the sales is not what they expected.

    Apple’s war with Samsung in Europe actually made Samsung famous, and the truth is, Galaxy SII is really a better phone compare to 4S.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t find a 4s for 3 weeks after launch in my parts. I’ve tried palm, windows mobile, blackberry. Just got tired of crappy software. I like the closed system with apple phones. Things just work. I know a few people with android phones, more regret getting it than don’t. I know over 25 people with iPhones. You couldn’t pry it away from their hands if you wanted to. Lol. To each his own I guess, but I’ve had every iPhone since the first…. I ain’t going back.

  • Anonymous

    They will. Look at how much publicity it is getting already. There are a lot of sheeple out there that don’t realize there are other alternative to an iPhone.

  • Anon

    I can think of several reasons.¬† No Jailbreak, small screen, no 4G or LTE support.¬† Hardware wise, S2 kicks ass.¬† 4G LTE ready, HUGE 4.5″ display, slightly better 8MP camera, to name a few.¬† It’s also very intuitive and “idiot proof” as well, so it’s an easy transition for iPhone users.¬† No “headaches” what-so-ever.¬† You can buy over-the-counter exchange warranty at your local BB or FS for peace of mind.¬† I’m using both right now, so I can see the differences.¬† You don’t know what you have, until you have something better to compare it to.

  • Kraken

    To add РS2 also has a faster 1.5Ghz dual-core CPU.  And this is something that was released many months before the 4S. When the S3 is released early next year, will anyone even want a 4S?

  • blaaargh

    *shrug* Samsung owners are Baristas…got it.

  • Anon

    Now that Steve is dead, and all the Apple execs are giving themselves huge bonuses… I have a feeling it will be the other way around.¬† Apple lost a strong innovative leader.¬† We all know what happened to Apple the last time that happened.

  • IPhoney

    The humungous 4.5″ screen would be my reason to change.¬† Bigger is better.¬† A microscopic 3.5″ display just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • Anonymous

    A dying corporation? Sure their revenue fell slightly but their profits are over 3 billion quarterly. You do realize Samsung mobile market is only a portion of what the world’s biggest technology firm makes right? I doubt you did. As the Koreans say, QQ moar.

  • Anonymous

    I make more standing in line for iphones! Didn’t you watch the video you spammer ūüôĀ

  • Hyperextension

    Looks like you have plenty of reason NOT to buy Apple products. ¬†If I were you, I would “vote” with my dollars and drop it all. ¬†It’s the best way to send a message and it gets rid of an obvious headache for you. ¬†I, like you, am only speaking from my own experiences. ¬†Apple “hooked” me in when I bought my first generation iPhone in the USA and unlocked it for use in Canada. ¬†It was that awesome for me. ¬†1st gen iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iMac, MacBook Pro, TimeCapsule, Apple TV2, MacBook Air and too many iPods to count, and I have had next to ZERO issues. ¬†Everyone is different and you have to go with and do what suits your situation best. ¬†Trust me…if my Apple products all start becoming lemons or Apple starts to handle any issues in less than stellar ways, I will not be purchasing any more Apple products. ¬†As far as owning other products…Apple has not given me a reason to own them.

  • Anonymous

    That commercial is awesome.
    Lots of companies use these clever tactics by not naming their competitor but showing you something and you making the connection on who they are talking about.

    I like it.

  • Brad17

    you dont “need” a license just like you dont “need” an iphone, but theyre both fucking awesome so im willing to wait.¬†

  • Brad17

    ahaha “handful” ūüôā so true. sammy is so desperate that they had to set up temporary stores outside of apple stores to try and lure people over. and the only people that left the apple line for samsung are the people that said “oh shit, look at how small that line is, i’ll just buy one of those to tie me over until there isnt a fucking huge line up for the new iphone.” ahahah dont get me wrong the GS2 is an amazing phone, but it really shows how desperate a company is when they set up a temporary store outside of their competitors’ store on a major product launch day. the main reason why im steering clear of android for now is because it takes months to update. my iphone 3GS got iOS 5 2 days before the 4S came out. i doubt ANY device will officially get ICS until a month or so has passed after the galaxy nexus is released.

  • Pisfor

    Pfft! Samsung is garbage! Had a phone and LED pico projector and both died 2 months after warranty expired. Samsung wouldn’t help at all. Apple is a much better company that will stand behind their products.

  • Phil

    I’m not surprised, that was brilliant. My kids freaked seeing the huge difference in screen size. Until then, they thought the iphone was biggest. That shot created “size envy” fo shure!

  • Arsenic

    Right.¬† You don’t need any of this junk.¬† Cool people take the bus and use the payphone.

  • Urdum

    Are you blind?  They were absolutely creative, and quite funny.   Just look at all comments.

  • Anonymous

    Just making a joke bud…

  • TimS

    My coworker and I both have new (less than 1 year old) smart phones and we’ve been having some friendly back and forth debating which is better, my iPhone 4 or his Samsung. The other day he (and this pained him) admitted to me that his next phone will be the iPhone 5. His Samsung is less than 6 months old and one thing after another has stopped working on it. The screen is pretty nice, but it does feel light and flimsy to me. It just seems like another failed attempt to compete with the iPhone. I won’t be switching away from Apple anytime soon, but I understand that now that they are so popular (I was an Apple customer when bankruptcy wasn’t out of the question), it’s natural that their are a lot of Apple haters. Only problem is these products that are supposed to be “better than the iPhone” come and go and as forgotten as the Zune in time.

  • MichealNinja turtle

    No cos I saw Donnatello with one in the sewers