Samsung Tries to Silence a User Whose S4 Caught Fire While Charging [VIDEO]


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YouTube user GhostlyRich posted a video on YouTube in early December which showed that his Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire while charging. When contacted, Samsung foolishly sent the user a lengthy document saying that they will exchange his defective device only after he pulls his initial video from YouTube (via Neowin).

The original video clearly shows that while the battery thankfully did not explode, the charging port is burnt. Seeing that the S4 is still under warranty, one would think Samsung would simply exchange the device and make good with the consumer to fix the issue. Instead, Samsung tried to have the YouTube video pulled by sending a ‘hush’ document to the user.

“Oh Samsung, you tried to have a YouTube video pulled after it showed a Galaxy S4 that caught fire while charging, but this is about to blow up in your PR and legal teams’ face.”

If Samsung was unaware of how the Internet works, it’s about to find out that trying to quiet the user will result in a black eye for the company.

Take a look:


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  • Mark Roberts

    As far as tech companies go, nobody has made me shake my head in wonder as much as Samsung.

  • Chrome262

    As he said, when I got the red ring of death from MS they shipped me a box and exchanged it right away, I didn’t sign a dam thing. Apple sent me a free iPod nano, when I shipped them my 6 year old nano, because they believed there was a battery issue. I stopped using it and it sat in a drawer for 4 years but apple still gave me a new one, not document needed to be signed. Not the same one, a new generation one. Even my old xbox, MS sent out a new power plug because a very small percentage of customers had an issues, no documents where signed. Most companies are more than happy to bend over backwards to keep you as a customer. This is an equivalent of a “screw you sucker, you bought our product, you are the fool”. I probably won’t ever go Android, but if I did it would never be Samsung. Not just this, I have had bad monitors from them as well.

  • Jason

    this guys a lying lil **** and his a$$ exposed not too long ago. It’s all about getting views on YouTube nowadays. Thats it.

  • Apple did the same

    If i dont recall an ipad caught fire in a store in melbourne two months ago in public. Apple just hushed it over. While this could be fake about the s4 catching fire. That ipad did in plain sight in public and infront of store workers and security cameras.

  • Jon Ouimet

    People, its electronics, if the user was charging using a third party charger or their houses are not properly grounded, it could happen to any company. The facts here are that Samsung is forcing people to sign off a waiver to ensure that they don’t spread negative feedback on the product in exchange of an (probably a refurbished) exchange phone. Remember that Apple actually gives you a refurbish phone when they exchange a phone. Nothing dramatic there. The only bad thing is the legal document that Samsung is shoving down people’s throat.

  • hanglows

    there was an article of iphone catching fire as well about 4 months ago