Samsung Trolls Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone 6s on Twitter [TWEETS]


Without wasting much time, Samsung has already started trolling Apple’s latest iOS device announcements on Twitter, poking fun at the new iPad Pro, especially the Apple Pencil stylus, as well as the iPhone 6s. While the following tweet doesn’t explicitly mention anything, the tweet clearly mocks the inclusion of the stylus:


In another tweet, Samsung is telling people who watched the Apple keynote, to visit their Galaxy S6 landing pages:


Here are some more absurd Samsung tweets if you’re interested in reading.

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samsung troll





  • Gabriel Ls


  • FragilityG4

    Hahaha desperate times in the Samsung camp.

  • MrXax

    Samsung is getting closer, but you wouldn’t know it with those tweets.

  • xxxJDxxx


    Losers troll winners. Winners don’t troll losers.

  • Sad, sad, sad.

  • It’s Me

    Good bet that Samsung will report their 8th consecutive quarter with a decline soon.

  • malygos21

    In other news a pink Galaxy is on its way to stores very shortly….

  • New feature: 4D Tap

  • jay

    Samsung don’t need to worry. Better phone and watch? Sure they do that’s not even hard to beat a 720p screen. Granny’s moto g can do that and is even waterproof she paid 200 for it

  • Cody Woodward

    pot calling the kettle black….

  • neufsky

    I don’t know, they actually have some pretty clever one-liners in there. “Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Key-Note Disorder?” LOL.

  • Damn you Samsung, damn you!

  • raslucas

    Apparently one of the Samsung Edge designers got an idea for a pink Galaxy when they first made it. The executives asked him to find the page on Apple’s website with a pink iPhone 6. Then fired him. …

    True story 😉

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