Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 May be the Last Device in the Galaxy Note Family


note 7.jpg

According to a new report from the Korea Herald, the Galaxy Note 7 might be the last device in the Note series from Samsung.

The report notes that Samsung may be abandoning the Galaxy Note line to ensure that the quality of their flagship Galaxy S line is superb. Even for a company like Samsung, releasing two flagship devices can be a major challenge.

In its short life, the Galaxy Note 7 faced two separate recalls due to batteries catching fire and causing severe damage. Samsung ultimately ended up canceling all production and sales of the device.

Samsung has not officially released any comments regarding this report, so we will just have to stay tuned to see if the speculation will become a reality.

[via Business Insider]


  • Either killing it off, or a rebranding.
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 already exists as a tablet they released in 2013, so naming the next Note series Note 8 isn’t logical.

    I figure they’ll stick to the Galaxy S line and sell the pen as a side accessory like Apple does, or they’ll release the Note series under a different name to insinuate a fresh start.

  • KS

    I agree. Imagine a device with an amalgamation of Note within the S. They merely need a S and S+ henceforth. Simple and familiar. Maybe make the S Pen a Super S Pen akin to the Apple Pencil and sell it to both S and S+ users.

  • Tim

    The whole string of words always struck me as a phonetically ridiculous compilation of unrelated nouns (e.g. Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge) What a mouthful. Nothing about it roles off the tongue or has a nice audible aesthetic. Until I actually decided to try a Samsung s7 edge for a few days (great hardware, touch-wiz is terrible), their naming conventions just sounded like babbly noise to me. I had to invest time to figuring what was what. Terrible marketing.