Samsung’s Loss Has Prompted Growth In Used-Phone Market


After Samsung lost the court battle to Apple, they had to pay nearly $1.05 billion in damages. That wasn’t all either, the jury decided that six of Apple’s patents were infringed upon Samsung. According to market growth, many Samsung device owners must be worried about the company’s future.

A report from the used-electronics giant notes that they’ve seen nearly a 50 percent growth in Samsung device sales since the word came out that Samsung lost the battle. Due to the hike, the resale value of the phones was dropped by 10 percent.

MarketWatch has the report:

 “Consumers seem to be jumping ship,” says Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at “We expect this trend to continue, especially with this latest verdict.”

The report continues on to mention that many experts predict Android phone resale values to slowly spin downward. Also don’t be stunned if future Samsung phones feature different form factors and a customized Android operating system.

On December 6th a hearing will be held to make the final decision on whether the 8 Samsung smartphones deserve to be banned from the United States. As we inch closer to the date, expect the Samsung used-phone market and resale value to experience an increase/decrease.

So if you’re a Samsung phone owner, I would sell now to assure my money’s worth!



  • kam

    why sell your phone now, wouldent the prices go up since there being banned hence harder to get?

  • 1His_Nibs1


  • RyanStOnge

    Not necessarily. They are old phones, value is opt to go down even with the ban. And just imagine this, everyone attempting to sell their Samsung phones, they won’t have that large of a value with such a large amount.

  • Captain Awesome

    do you proofread your articles? they are full of grammar errors..

    “…infringed upon BY Samsung” “…resale of the phones HAS dropped” etc. etc.

  • W35TC045T

    Captain butt bandit, this isn’t the Wall Street Journal. GTFO.

  • JMCD23

    This is a Canadian site, selling now is really irrelevant. Supply and demand dictates that selling when many others are selling will get you less value than when supply is restricted. It’s actually not a good time to sell any Samsung device.

  • iPhoneOwner

    I’m curious as to why this verdict would make anyone sell their existing phones? Services won’t (and generally can’t) be shut down remotely, they’ll continue to operate just fine, and remain fully competitive with Apple products. The decision only affects US consumers, not anyone in another country, and the ban will take months to be in place and only then (currently) affects phones that are typically already a year old.

    Sorry, frankly don’t see any more than a very short term blip from a few panicky people.

  • Apple_sucks

    Personally I am disgusted with Apple and this cheesy patent trolling crap.
    I will be looking for a Samsung phone after my iPhone contract is up.
    Selling Samsung phones now doesn’t make any sense.