Samsung’s S Voice Looks Oddly Similar to Apple’s Siri [VIDEO]


Image via SlashGear

Earlier today, Samsung announced their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III. This new smartphone runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and sports a massive 4.8 inch HD screen. Once particular feature introduced was Samsung’s new voice navigation feature, appropriately called S Voice (that uses Vlingo as one of their voice recognition software partners).

Below are screenshots of asking the weather to each voice service. Siri on the left; S Voice on the right:


We’ve seen some press provide some hands on with S Voice, and there’s no doubt it does look like a shameless rip-off of Siri, all the way down to the interface, icon design, and purple colours.

Check out the hands-on demo of S Voice from Android Central and tell me what you think (you’ll find out if it passes the ‘woodchuck test’ or not). Are the aesthetics of S Voice just a ‘coincidence’?


  • Antonino Urbano

    Are these people for real? How anyone can defend Samsung’s blatant copying is far beyond me. 

  • ThatGuy

    Smells like another lawsuit…

  • Hkeynejad

    That’s Scamsung

  • Gobblegobble

    Siri is a copy itself old tech why does everyone get their panties in a bunch all the time on here. I think the interface looks nicer and unless apple now has a copyright on the mic picture and the color purple who gives a shit please complain about something more important like how the butter on popcorn gets on my phone after I eat some or does apple own butter too and that’s why it works so well with my iPhone

  • draz

    I love Korean companies <3

  • Goooglecydia

    Siri is a copy of what?

  • Ari

    Their charging/syncing cables are also similar as are their “white” headphones with the volume rocker/talk button and microphone. Their “dock” connector is just a mirror image of the Apple dock connector. The only thing they changed on the plastic portion of their syncing cable was the logo and the connector is just a reverse image of the apple one.

  • Ari

    Gobblegobble, did you get lost on your way to the Android site? Siri was a third party app before it was bought by Apple and it started out as a DARPA project for the military.

    Apple also had “Voice Control” since the iPhone 3GS came out.

  • Kevin

    Oh for God’s sake who gives a damn?! Apple is using voice recognition to take commands?! OH MY GOD WHAT A NEW REVOLUTIONARY FEATURE THAT NOTHING IN THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE!! ALL PRAISE THE APPLE OVER LORD! Get over your selves people, there is, and always will be, a root to a piece of technology that Apple adds on to their devices and will stop at nothing to patent it to make it seem they own everything. Apple trying to patent the s*it out of everything and all these patent wars over the littlest thing is a God damned joke. I subscribed to iPhoneinCanada hoping to get news/updates and cool things related to the iPhone but every 2 or 3 posts out of 10 are now some blindsighted Apple loving fanboy who won’t even take a look at the other side(of the story) before posting their daily religious Apple fanboy posts about how amazing Steve and Tom’s d*cks are and their freaking cell phone. Unsubscribed. Even though I may be just one person, this is just to let you know you should stay on track and post stuff that people would find generally interesting and not a way to bash companies.

  • Ari

    Kevin, maybe you need to take a chill pill and calm down. Nobody is forcing you to come here and I certainly do not go onto Android or Blackberry sites posting long rant posts because I am a happy user rather than a bitter fanboy.

    You can use whatever phone you like but you need to stop getting emotional about people attacking Samsung. You are “Kevin” but we are talking about “SAMSUNG”. Do you get it? You exist separate from the company SAMSUNG.

  • BrightNadia80

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  • hot_spare

    They forgot SGS2 had this before well iPhone4S was launched:

  • WhatThe

    If it works outside of the US, then it’s better than Siri.  In fact I think I’m going to buy this instead of waiting for the iPhone 5 to play catch-up.

  • DaMan05

    I love you Kevin.

    I come here for the Canadian iPhone news, but man does Gary’s fanboyness sometimes (read: daily occurrence) blow me away.

    Gary, please tell me how to make a forecast look different? OMFG CTV WEATHER IS A COPY OF SIRI BECAUSE THEIR FORECAST LOOKS JUST LIKE SIRI!! And the microphone icon? How about you Google image “microphone icon”. You’ll find plenty of images from before Siri’s launch date that are that exact icon. Looks like Siri copied them!!

    I’ve been saying it for years (literally). Now I have fun laughing at your pathetic fanboyness on pretty much a daily basis. I’ve also gotten very good at identifying which articles are yours just based on the level of Apple worship.

    But otherwise, no better Canadian site 🙂