Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad Mocking iPhone Users Revealed [VIDEO]


Prior to the Super Bowl Samsung released a teaser of their Super Bowl ad that attacks iPhone users waiting in line. This was part of an existing series Samsung released earlier in the year.

This evening, Samsung released both an American and Canadian version of their ad. The Canadian shows the names of Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary instead of American cities.

As for the Samsung device unveiled in the commercial? It’s none other than the monstrous sized Galaxy Note, that includes a feature from the 90s–a stylus (“YUCK!”, as Steve Jobs would say). The best part of these ads is the barista guy waiting in line refusing to partake in the over the top hilarity that ensues.

Video chat on Android looks vaguely familiar to something we all know about, but I can’t figure it out…

Check out the ads below and let me know what you think:

Canadian version:

American version:


  • Kyle Duffield

    Samsung are fools! Makes them look like jack…’s who think they can get away with stealing apple’s design software and marketing it as there own. This will doom the company for sure!

  • Chris

    That is an awful commercial.

  • Ddsmak

    Very funny commercials from Samsung. Similar to the Mac vs PC ads a while back. If Apple can dish it out, then Apple can receive it. Lighten up, and enjoy the humor instead.

  • Anonymous

    I still say Samsung does not have a single original idea, in their collective head, of their own. The touch screen, The video chatting, apps, almost the whole package is so similar to the iPhone. It’s not just Samsung. Everyone else has jumped on the band wagon and I have yet to see anyone make any significant improvement to the original idea.

    And on another note. Pretty funny adds. I watched the super bowl just to see the add these days.

  • jdinner

    Whoa, it comes with a pen? No, it’s a stylus from the early 90’s.

  • iGuy

     I think it was pretty entertaining. I find it hilarious that all of you iPhone fan boys get so angry when Samsung does something cool. We all moan and complain that there isn’t enough competition in the wireless industry between carriers, what’s different about Samsung offering competition to Apple in terms of devices? That’s what we all wanted, right? Don’t be mad because Samsung is getting way better than Apple (bigger and better selection of devices with far superior hardware, and comparable software that comes down to personal preference, even though Android has more features included in it’s OS, and at better price points). Go suck Steve Jobs’ member some more, you’re all pathetic.

    PS – I’ve been an iPhone owner since they debuted in Canada.

  • Anonymous

    One truth in it though….. You never have to wait in line to get a Samsung phone…. Cause nobody wants one. Well… Except people who buy them for the only reason that they don’t like apple.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the other commercials Samsung did, but this one is just terrible. Buying a “Note” will make everyday like Ferris Buellers Day Off apparently?

  • Ari

    How is it similar at all? Mac vs PC feature two character who are metaphors for their respective platforms. This is insulting Apple users apparently. I did not have to stand in any line to get my 4S on launch day in Vancouver.

  • Ari

    Not only that but apparently Samsung thinks that people are still lining up outside of store for the 4S and that it has not come out yet.

    They also think that streets of Canadian and American cities look exactly the same apparently.

  • Anonymous

    all things aside, I liked the ad, and a little banter between companies is always good.  And its always good to have a choice one phone one company would be bad. stylus is lame but 5% of the population might like it. should be a purchasable accessory like the 10 million iphone accessories there are.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well. it comes down to what OS you want. if they want to copy and make money at it. no real big deal since the OS is completely different. and really samsung is just a phone manufacturer not a os builder. so all they can do is adhere to what people like. big shinny screen, thin, couple buttons. all phones look alike when it comes down to it. throw a processor in it. eventually they are going to say putting a intel processor is copying…

  • Samsung spent $10 million alone to air this for 90 seconds in their Super Bowl spot. They can ‘try hard’ all they want, they just look ridiculous. Money talks–let’s see how many they sell. But seriously–a STYLUS? Come on…

  • The mocking of the barista is pretty funny, such a stereotypical portrayal of an Apple user. 

  • Anonymous

    I know. The return of the stylus. Lol. Big selling point eh!

  • Ddsmak

    Relax, it’s a fun commercial. Entertainment. But it is SIMILAR to Mac vs PC which was mocking Windows problems and at the same time saying only unimaginable people will use PC., it was fun to watch those commercials back then too. You have to take all these stuff with a grain of salt. Don’t try to analyze it so much

  • Dale

    In all honesty, the SIRI promo was worse than a stylus in my opinion.  
    In reality the latest 4S was pretty much a dud, I have one.  SIRI in Canada is a waste without location services (when SIRI does work).  Plus doing the translation on apple servers rather than locally on the dual  core is dumb, it  adds much to much delay to be usable (currently it is just a gimic). There was nothing new that was usable with the 4S, I actually feel ripped off considering the price for the phone.
    Bottom line: I wouldn’t be all that excited about apple leading the pack with technical innovation, there are a lot of non-technical apple fans that will follow the pack like sheep which is great for apple, but it is like owning a Harley, they are slow, fat, loud and actually a piece of garbage for a bike design, but the groupee’s love it.  To  each his own, but Samsung makes some very good stuff, I wouldn’t knock them for trying to merge some old ideas with new tech.

  • Ubimac

    Samsung Galixie doesn’t have software for MAC . Believe or not

  • Samsung has countersued Apple all over the Globe because they feel they have done nothing wrong.  The commercial shows everything Apple has implemented in their phones (I have to be careful because a lot of the stuff on the phones they didn’t create but they did legally buy it from the individuals who did).   The pinch and Facetime?   Come on….I’ve already personally boycotted Samsung.

  • Luketraversy

    Love my iPhone. Love this commercial. Win/Win for me. Dont hate on good marketing. Enjoy the show. Besides we all saw terminator. Apple is like John Connor, whooping androids asses. Woo!

  • Death to Skynet!