Saskatchewan Radio Ads Tell Premier Brad Wall: “Don’t Sell Our SaskTel!”



Radio advertisements have started airing in Saskatchewan sending a message to Premier Brad Wall to “back away from the phone” in his bid to sell SaskTel.

The radio ads are sponsored by the province’s largest telecom union, Unifor. The ads, which are available online, highlight the value of having a publicly-owned carrier. In a statement, Unifor Western Director Joie Warnock said:

“Brad Wall is reaching well beyond the mandate he has from voters. In the election he explicitly told voters that he would not privatize SaskTel.

SaskTel is an outstanding crown corporation that is staffed by talented and committed workers. SaskTel should remain what it always has been: a solid service that is owned by the people of Saskatchewan, for the people of Saskatchewan.”

During the past few weeks, Wall has been thinking about what would happen if private corporations made offers for SaskTel.

[via CNW]


  • DCinAB

    The fuss that everyone hears is predominately NDP tactics to discredit Brad Wall after they got trounced in the provincial election earlier this year.

    Wall came out publicly in July and stated that any sale of SaskTel would be put to a plebiscite. The vast majority of Saskathewanians are not in favour of privatizing any of the four major crowns (SaskTel, SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SGI), therefore, there is no chance at present time for privatization.