Saskatchewan Apple Premium Reseller to Open at Regina’s Cornwall Centre [Update]


Update 1: The Leader Post reports an Apple Premium Reseller is coming, rather than an Apple Store, as confirmed by Cornwall Centre’s marketing manager. An ‘iWorld Connect’ store will be opening, which is a child company of Westworld Computers, also known as Canada’s largest independent Apple dealer. The location will be near The Bay.

Saskatchewan, get ready for your first Apple Store. According to ifoAppleStore, Regina is set to get an Apple Store this Fall at Cornwall Centre. The mall’s anchor tenants are The Bay and Sears. Evidence of the new store was mentioned in city planning documents, but the location right now is unknown:

The absence of any Apple stores within a 700-mile wide swath of central Canada will end later this year when a new store opens at the Cornwall Centre shopping mall in Regina (Saskatchewan). The store will be the first in the centrally-located province, which is the seventh of 10 to have an open or planned Apple store. Regina is a city of about 200,000 residents surrounded by agricultural and mining land, and is at least 300 miles from existing Apple stores. Cornwall Centre is located in city center and has 90 retailers in an enclosed mall. City planning documents mention the new store, but the exact location within the mall isn’t known. Based on construction schedules, the store could open by November 2012.

Construction details note the Apple Store could possibly open by November. If you live in Regina, let us know what retail spaces at Cornwall Centre are vacant right now or are soon to be covered in black.

Saskatchewan would be the 7th province to receive an Apple Store, to add to the existing list of BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and an upcoming store in Nova Scotia. Who’s excited?

[via ifoAppleStore]


  • Guy from Saskatoon

    Let me get this started…. It should’ve been in Saskatoon.

  • Snowgirljo

    You can have it. Trade you forvSephora.

  • Me

     c’mon…..where would they find a “genius” in ‘toon town…. lol…… jk

  • Billm

    Awesome! Thought s’toon would get it first. Glad Regina is first!

  • Djjessejames

    Where’s that? I’m in the Toon Trick.
    Stupid move. However I am sure to be making the few hour trip along with evey other Saskatoon Apple fan. Set the gps on ‘straight’ and catch some zzz’z.

  • Someone help us find out where in the mall the store will go! 🙂

  • Some Reginan

    My guess is that it will probably go right to  the left of the photo above. That space was used temporarily while a store inside the mall was undergoing renovations, and a space a bit further down the street was used by Lululemon when they set up a temporary location for Christmas this last year. The two spaces combined would probably give Apple the size of store they would need, and along with being “in” the mall, they would also have street-frontage.

    There is one other small recently vacated spot in the mall (Carlton Cards), but in my opinion would be too small to host an Apple store.

  • I Know

    This is not true. The mall is getting an apple accessory store that sells apple stuff…not an actual Apple Store.

  • Agrunt1330

    If you didnt notice, i believe the stores are all in the capital cities soo saskatoon wouldnt have been chosen. Plus Regina is a much nicer city.

  • Bonz

    dumb place to put it.  the demand for parking space there is insane as it is now just imagine 1,000 apple fans lined up there.  southland mall would have been a better choice as it has way more room and much better access for ppl.   on a side note WHY? we already have 3 stores with geniuses and apple sales/repair including 1 educational store (pcplace in the UofR) and 3 warranty repair centres (pcplace on vic and UofR, swell as Fact computers downtown) 

  • G-unit

    ya but if you knew you your capital cities, than you would have realized that the capital city of B.C., which is Victoria, does NOT have an Apple store, yet other cities in B.C. have apple stores. So your theory is bogus.

  • Inside Source

    Get your sources straight… regina is NOT getting an Apple store.

  • Echo

    Thats right the space for Carlton Cards is going to be the new store for apple products but this is not a apple store though its a big rumor or i can say a lie from Mall Management that apple store is coming to Cornwall Centre.

  • baz

    Saskatoon has a lager population, cleaner city, better downtown area, better university, better streets, better night life, etc… Regina isnt a bad city, but to say that its a much nicer city than saskatoon is a long stretch.

  • Breanna

    Can u trade iPhones with cracked screens in thi store!?