SaskTel iPhone 4S Price Drop: $0 on a 3 Year Contract


SaskTel has just dropped the price of the 16GB iPhone 4S, available in black and white to $0 on a three year contract–it’s normally priced at $78.99. There’s no word on how long the sale will last.

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Over the past few weeks, SaskTel has run out of iPhone 5 stock for 32GB and 64GB models. The 16GB iPhone 5 just recently was made available online again, starting at $178.99 on a three year term (it beats other carriers by a penny). The 8GB iPhone 4 currently remains out of stock.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Toylover

    3-year long contracts should be illegal.

  • Teflon

    Not a chance. Had to send my daughters phone in twice now. On top of that they charged us both times for the express service even though we bought apple care. Both my older kids have 4th gen ipod touches which shattered from one drop. My father’s hard drive crashed last year on his desktop. So much for getting what you paid for. So sick of apple.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    So you’re just discovering now that Apple’s always been about style over substance? I had to go through 5 iPhone 5’s before I finally got a defect free one (which was the 6th one). I’d also like to mention that when I talked to the Apple care rep they said after the 4th one that they (Apple) “would take care of me”. Well once I finally got my last phone I got a call from Apple care asking me if I was satisfied with the phone to which I replied “yes finally but 5 failures out of 6 is a 90% failure rate in quality control” to which the Apple care rep said “we’re glad we could finally get you a phone you’re happy with but your case was an isolated incident” Really!?!?!? No….”we’re sorry for all the inconvenience” or “Apple would like to make this right… we’re going to give you a discount voucher/code for your next Apple product purchase” hell even a free iTunes gift card or two but no I got jack shit. I guess when the Apple care rep said “we’ll take care of you” it really meant “we’ll eventually get you a phone you’ll be happy with” (inconvenience be damned!). Last time I own an iPhone……especially now that I’m reading rumours on here about how the 5S will sport a better processor AND a better camera. I’m sorry but the 5S should be just minor tweaks not MAJOR improvements over the 5.