SaskTel Launches New 3G+ Wireless Network


Today is a great day for Saskatchewan residents!

Today marks the official opening of SaskTel’s new 3G+ Wireless Network! Saskatchewan residents are now able to visit a SaskTel location and begin service with a 3G+ device.


Since this is the first day roll-out and the company has never had a 3G network in the past, the following 3G+ devices are available for sale from SaskTel:

  • Nokia 7230
  • Nokia 6350
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • BlackBerry Pearl 9100

While not listed on their website, SaskTel is also supporting the following devices soon:

  • Samsung Gravity 3
  • Samsung Gravity Touch
  • Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

Now that the company is using SIM cards, support for the iPhone seems promising. SaskTel has not indicated any support for the iPhone yet, but that does not mean if you live in Saskatchewan you shouldn’t try to put a SaskTel SIM in your iPhone!


At this time, the following cities have coverage on the new 3G+ network:

  • Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Yorkton, Swift Current, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Buffalo Pound, White City, Melville, Dalmeny, Martensville, Warman, Hepburn, Waldheim and most of the connecting highways.

For areas that are not listed above, SaskTel has a 3G+ Rollout schedule posted on their website.


  • iPhone4crazy

    What is the + in the 3G+?

  • Ex


  • roadcarver

    + is for extra fees LOL

  • Shadow

    Now there is another reason to be happy you live in Saskatchewan….. And with today’s announcement that makes…. Hmmm…… Nope… Just the one reason…

    I’ve been to Regina and kid you not that I saw a tumbleweed roll through the *downtown* area on a Saturday night…

  • 3G+ means HSPA+, or Evolved HSPA. Whereas HSPA usually averages 7mbit, HSPA+ is 21mbit or higher.

    For marketing purposes, many carriers (including Rogers and Telus) are calling it 3G+… it’s easier for the common customer to remember, since most people don’t have a clue what HSPA is, but understand “3G”

  • What I want to know is will there be any coverage sharing between Rogers and SaskTel? I’d love to have the coverage that SaskTel customers get on my iPhone.

    Hey Shadow, how long is your commute to work? Mine? 10 minutes.

  • Junk3124

    lol…SK resident here too, hey tumbleweeds are cool!

  • I phoned SaskTel on Saturday, and they are supporting the iPhone (the girl I talked to had just finished a training session about it)…not all features may be supported, but you can try out a ‘demo SIM card’ in their store and pick which plan and features you want after that.

    So I ordered up an unlocked iPhone 4 from…should be here Sept 14th! I doubt they’ll have any iPhones in stock any time soon, and I’m not a ‘camp out in line’ kind of guy, so I went unlocked. πŸ™‚

  • Skman

    According to SaskTel’s webpage on SIM cards, they’re only supporting the mini-SIM right now. Maybe they’ll get micro-SIMs by September 14th, otherwise you just bought a real expensive iPod touch… You could always get a SIM from Telus too that’ll work with the iPhone 4.

  • DAvid

    More likely they’ll coverage share with bellus. They’re already hooked together for other network services.

  • Yes, if SaskTel can’t do it, other carriers can. Another reason to buy unlocked.

  • Do you have a link to that SaskTel SIM page? I can’t find anything on their site. : My contract goes on for another year, so I’ll hope they get them in soonish. No big whoop either way, I can keep using my BlackBerry in the meantime.

  • Em

    I went to TWO sasktel locations today to try and switch to Sasktel form Rogers. I unlocked my phone via Ultrasn0w.

    The first location told me that Sasktel just WASN’T supporting the iPhone. Which is bullshit cause their CSRs have said they are to me and several other hundred people and why would the GSM network not support basic features on the iPhone?

    The second place told me it SHOULD work just fine but they couldn’t get my IEIM number to approve. They thought it was just a hiccough in the system and it would get fixed soon but they weren’t sure.

    Any ideas?

  • Mr. Mac

    If sasktel works with a regular sim iPhone 3gs, you can cut a regular sim to become a micro sim and have it to fit the iPhone 4.

  • Farmer Harv

    It worked for me no probs…popped in the sim and was good to go. There is a place for the rep to check a box that says “No IMEI”, for when you’re just buying a sim, so don’t worry about needing it to work.

    I didn’t get the data plan set up yet (tomorrow’s project), but I’m hoping it comes on as smoothly as the voice part did.. WhooHoo…iPhone internet access in the tractor. πŸ™‚

  • Em

    Okay! So if I just buy the SIM instead of setting up the contract they can mark it as no IMEI? Interesting… I’ll give that a try tomorrow!! Thanks!

  • Omar


  • Zhihui Cao

    Hope SaskaTel will provide a better plan than Rogers!

  • Looking at the carriers on my iPhone, Tellus and Bell are also listed, so perhaps if there continues to be troubles activating iPhones with SaskTel, maybe you could go with one of them?

  • Zhihui Cao

    I’m currently with Rogers but I’m kind of hate Rogers. Considering switching πŸ™‚

  • Mlorenz

    I already have my unlocked iPhone 3GS on Sasktel. Sasktel store was great and even tried out a sim first for me to make sure it would work. Just added it to our already existing cell plan as another phone and can add data whenever I want. Works great. Will add data in the next couple of weeks when I need after I am done holidays.

  • Mike S

    Does anyone know if im with Telus if a new iphone will work in Sask? Im in alberta

  • EmWyllie

    Yes. Bell and Telus have an agreement with Sasktel that they will use Sasktel’s towers in Saskatchewan and Sasktel will use their towers outside of Saskatchewan.

    The only thing you want to check is the coverage maps to be sure that 3G coverage is available where you’re going. It’s only in the larger cities right now with roll-outs to the rest of the province coming over the next year.

  • my unlocked iphone 3g is working great with sasktel, hooked it up yesterday on launch day
    i had to manually put in the APN address for cellular data though, but so far so good

  • Em

    You got Data working on your 3G? The SaskTel rep and I couldn’t figure out how to get it running…

    Is the APN address something I have to get Sasktel to set up? Or is that something I can set up?

  • Em

    Nevermind, I went to my dealer and they got it all set up. Loving this new network!!

  • PhotoJim

    You mean Saskatchewan, the province with the second-highest GDP per capita in Canada (behind only Alberta)? With the lowest provincial sales tax in the country? (Alberta doesn’t have one so they don’t count πŸ™‚ ). Winters might be cold, and Regina and Saskatoon might not be Toronto, but it ain’t so bad.

    I was running late for work this morning. I drove across a city of 200+K people and arrived in nine minutes. In nine minutes, you barely get off the on-ramp onto the DVP in Toronto.

  • PhotoJim

    The irony is that HSPA is already 3G+ in a way, since UMTS is 3G and is a lot slower than HSPA.

  • kevin

    which iOS version and jailbreak/unlock tool did u use for iphone 3g? i just tried mine today with 3.1.2 with ultrasnow it kept saying no service.

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  • Did that exact thing today, I’m now up and running after receiving my iPhone on Tuesday! πŸ™‚

  • watt

    Is your Iphone 4 working now?

  • edwin

    hey men did you get your iphone 4 hooked up with sasktel at all or did you get any issues trying to get it set up, pliz respond back as i getting and iphone 4 to on oct 12

  • Killer1snoop

    whats APN?

  • Mrgerbik

    it works fine – i have my iphone4 running now for a couple weeks … just set up APN and MMS APN and good to go!

    sasktel rates are the best in the country IMO…

  • Balderdash9_4

    When you put the demo sim card in at Sasktel did you have service? How did you know the sim card worked?

  • k9_95

    Do Any of you know the answer to this?? Can you get a black berry bought from rogers set up through sasktel?

  • javizmony

    k so i currently have an iphone 4 originally from rogers which is jailbroken and unlocked using the gevey sim here in Saskatoon but for some reason the gevey sim wont enable facetime of tried so many different things but cat get face time on my i phone it is not on a contract and i was wondering if anyone knows if sasktel unlocks iphones?

  • javizmony

    k so i currently have an iphone 4 originally from rogers which is jailbroken and unlocked using the gevey sim here in Saskatoon but for some reason the gevey sim wont enable facetime of tried so many different things but cat get face time on my i phone it is not on a contract and i was wondering if anyone knows if sasktel unlocks iphones?

  • BEAR22

    i need an unlock code for my iphone 4 5.1.1 locked with sasktel?