Google’s Schmidt to CRTC: Let Consumers Decide Future of TV, Embrace Startups


Google chairman Eric Schmidt (and former Apple board member) visited Canada for the first time yesterday and was eager to share his opinion on the regulation of internet services and TV broadcasting rules current being debated by the CRTC.

Schmidt told The Globe and Mail says governments need to stop protecting incumbent industries from new innovative startups (Netflix and Uber come to mind), such as the booming popularity of user-generated content on the company’s YouTube service.

“I think the evidence is that governments around the world are heavily influenced by both political matters, but also incumbency in one form or another,”


“We’re taking the position that governments need to ultimately serve their citizens by giving the citizens choices, and the market will sort it out.”

The CRTC has been holding hearings on the future of television, pondering regulation for online services. When Google and Netflix refused to disclose Canadian viewership numbers to the commission, the latter eventually struck their testimony from the record.

The Google chairman stressed the Canadian government and its leaders “need to understand that job growth and the economic growth of Canada is completely dependent upon all those young startups,” adding “Getting them nurtured, getting them happy, giving them global markets and giving them what they need to build global platforms.”

Schmidt is in Toronto for the week to promote his new book How Google Works, while he also attended Codemakers, an Actua-led projected funded in part by a $1.5 million grant from Google.


  • Tim

    He’s never been to Canada? I get that a lot of Americans don’t come here nor do they see a need to, but when you’re a billionaire exec for one of the largest companies in the world, you’d think he might have touched down in one of the big three cities in the last 15 years. Weird.

  • Al

    “Let Consumers Decide Future of TV”

    Does this guy not know that the CRTC is, at its core, communist?

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  • ScrewAndroid

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  • Zhou

    Don’t insult china and vietnam, Gary is Vietnamese, and I am as well, there is nothing wrong with comunism, only westerners can’t understand cut they have never experienced it so it’s one sided, get off this blog u hater

  • Al

    I will insult communist practices if I damn well please. And if you enjoy having your freedoms taken away from you, I suggest you get the fuck out of my country.

  • Wow, I didn’t know I was Vietnamese? Is that you, dad?