Second Generation iPhone SE May Debut in 2018


Iphone se

In an effort to target the mid-range smartphone market, Apple is planning to debut a second-generation iPhone SE this year, as noted by market research firm TrendForce in its latest report on predicted global smartphone production growth in 2018 (via MacRumors).

The second generation iPhone SE, which is reportedly being assembled by Taiwanese Apple supplier Wistron at its factory in Bangalore, India, is expected to release during the first half of 2018. While there is no info yet regarding the specs of the rumoured device, the current model packs an A9 chip, 2GB RAM, and a 12-megapixel rear camera, similar to that of the iPhone 6s. 

“In order to meet the demand in different ranges of market, Apple will launch the second generation of iPhone SE which targets at the mid-range segment. With regard to the supply chain, new iPhones in 2018 will continue to improve Face ID technology, screen to body ratio, etc., moreover, the company plans to increase the memory content and embed AMOLED display in two of its models.”

In addition to a new version of the iPhone SE, TrendForce says new flagship iPhones in 2018 will include improved Face ID, more memory, and AMOLED displays for two models.


  • Kate

    I’m eager to see it 😀

  • Si2k78

    Nothing screams excitement like a mid range product.

  • Joe

    I’m guessing no notch? What about the bezel? This is a weird time to be releasing a lower tier iPhone, but if the price is right I could see it selling well.

  • Riddlemethis

    Grandson: Look grandma. I bought an iPhone for you.
    Grandma: All that money spent on your college education was pointless…sigh

  • RickysCV

    I was waiting for the new SE but Freedom Mobile wrecked that plan…

  • Decodering

    You’d be surprised by how much truth is actually in your statement. There are a ton of people in many different countries in many different economic situations that cannot get an iPhone at the high-end price points or simply don’t want to pay around $1K for a smart phone (or actually want a smaller form factor). The SE allows them to get an iPhone that meets their requirements.

    If Apple really is readying an update to the SE, that means it’s selling well enough to justify the cost and effort. So there must be enough people who are actually very excited by the thought of a mid-range product.

  • Dehop

    My mom would not be sporting a new iPhone if the SE weren’t available. Her needs are minimal and do not justify a $600 pricetag for the 6s to remain with the Apple ecosystem (not to mention, the 6s is too big for her). Heck even $470 was a stretch.

  • Si2k78

    I agree with you. I bought one myself. My excitement would be purely driven economic reasons.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I use a 6s but have been playing with my old iPhone 5 recently after having installed a newly released jailbreak. Aside from realizing how much I miss having a jail broken iPhone, I also began to appreciate the form factor – so easy to reach all parts of the screen one-handed and the phone feels as light as a feather. Looks nicer than my 6s as well. I think I would strongly consider the new SE when and if it comes out.

  • Shameer Mulji

    I highly doubt it will be a redesigned iPhone SE. My bet is it will be the current iPhone SE upgraded to iPhone 7 specs.