Select Canadian Carriers Are Now Selling The Apple Watch



According to a report from MobileSyrup, select Canadian carriers have started selling the Apple Watch in their brick-and-mortar stores. Select carriers, like SaskTel, have also made the Apple Watch available for purchase from their online stores.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.13.33 PM

Telus and SaskTel have made 38mm and 42mm variants of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport available with a starting price of $449. Other Canadian carriers have released the Apple Watch with the same pricing.

The Canadian carriers have select variants of the Apple Watch Sport with various watch bands including silver, grey, gold, and rose gold. The stainless steel Apple Watch is available in white, black, and red bands.


  • I’d be a little weary buying an Apple product outside of an Apple Store. If you do and something goes wrong, Apple stores aren’t as willing to work on them for you.

  • Ashley Mann

    That is a really good point!

  • Mrleblanc

    What are you talking about ? Apple does not privilege client of its own store over client from other store… Apple serve all of its client equally ! Apple Store employee don’t even know where you bought your product since you never need to show them your bill… All purchases are linked to your iTunes/iCloud account ! Heck, Apple even refunded my mother of an iPod nano she bought at LaSource even if it exceeded the 14 days return policy because the bill had some misinformation about warranty and customer support

  • Perhaps in your situation.
    A friend of mine bought an iPhone at Bestbuy on a contract and his screen was doing some funny things like flickering. He made an appointment with Apple and they told him he had to get bestbuy to send it away for repair because it wasn’t bought from an Apple Store.

    Perhaps it depends on the situation?

  • Mrleblanc

    No, I didn’t buy my iPhone 6 at an Apple Store and they replaced my screen 2 times (for free, obviously)… I got it on launch day and they swapped my unit less than a week after launch when the store was still “out of stock” (they have some replacement units) because I had a defective screen (white spot) and the second time in late August (one month before the end of my warranty) they replaced my entire screen even if it had 2 minor scratch because my touchID was not working at all (but the home button was still functional) even after a factory reset

  • Now you got me curious as to why my friend had such a hard time with his :/

  • Ashley Mann

    I bought an iPod touch at Walmart 2 years ago and it had the black screen of death lol after about a month. I went to Apple eaton centre. She knew I bought it Walmart from her device thing she holding. She asked me for my email. She said I had to go back to Walmart. Walmart replaced it. I would only go to Apple Store to buy watch or anything

  • Mrleblanc

    Because you didn’t have a Genius Bar appointment -.- Or because you were under the 2 weeks return which in this case Walmart will change your device while Apple (if it’s over the 2 weeks) will only repair it !
    It make no sense otherwise… It’s like HP asking you to ask Walmart for a repair because you didn’t buy it from them…. Walmart doesn’t even have a repair centre lol

  • AccordTR

    My wife bought an iPhone, new, off kijiji. About 8 months in it started to completely lose signal. Took it to the apple store, had NO receipt, nothing. They ran the serial, and said it was under warranty. Out the door with a replacement in 10 minutes. Apple takes care of their products, regardless of where they came from.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    completely untrue i had my 3gs bought from fido replaced at the apple store back in the day