How to Setup RBC Debit/Credit Cards with Apple Pay [u]


Today, RBC’s Wallet app for iOS received an update that adds support for Apple Pay.

The update allows users to pay using Apple Pay technology within the RBC Wallet app. In order to enrol in the RBC Wallet app, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Start by downloading and opening the RBC Wallet app. Then, select “Not Enrolled?”.
  2. Enter your RBC Credit Card number, and your Postal Code.
  3. Select how you would like to receive your verification code (text, email or a phone call).
  4. Enter the verification code provided to complete the enrollment process and you’re done!

After setting up your personal information in the RBC Wallet app, follow the three simple steps below to setup Apple Pay:

  1. Choose a credit or debit card from the RBC Wallet App
  2. Click “Set Up Apple Pay”
  3. Follow the simple prompts, and you’re on your way to making your next payment using Apple Pay!

In order to use an RBC and with Apple Pay, just hover your phone over the terminal when it says ‘tap’ and have your thumb on Touch ID. The terminal will engage the phone and screen will turn on automatically. If you want to switch cards, you would just double tap the home button.

Users are not required to use the RBC Wallet app after initial setup and authentication, despite RBC’s instructions telling customers to use the RBC Wallet app.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.58.40 PM
RBC also says that users will soon be able to use your RBC credit or debit card on your iPhone to make in-app payments using Apple Pay.

Update: article updated to note you do not need to use RBC Wallet to make Apple Pay purchases. Just hover your iPhone over a terminal when it says ‘tap’ and put your thumb on Touch ID (do not press the home button).

[via RBC]


  • Mrleblanc

    I don’t understand… Can’t you make all of this inside Apple Wallet (Apple Pay app) ?

  • Yearoftherat

    I’ve tried adding my RBC signature Visa card by the above method and through Apple wallet itself. Both methods give me a message saying the card can not be added and to contact the card provider

  • LEDs

    I also cannot add my RBC Signature Visa card. After calling them they told me they have an issue with some people and they are implementing a fix over night. They told me to try again tomorrow. My wife, however, has the same type of RBC Visa card and it worked fine for her.

  • TJ

    Getting the same message about my RBC credit card.

  • Yearoftherat

    Yes you can do it through Apple Wallet. I had issues trying it thru the wallet but couldn’t so I tried the above method which still doesn’t work.

  • Lemontwist

    I can’t paste my password from 1Password. That means I can’t even log in. The only way RBC verify Apple Pay is though RBC Wallet.

  • Felonious Spunk

    Worked for me on both debit and Visa… Added in Apple Pay first then had to use RBC Wallet to verify. Still pissed that RBC has to make this extra complicated just as an excuse to shill for their own buggy, bloated, crappy *worthless* wallet app. Deleted it as soon as Apple Wallet said the cards were verified– Let’s hope Apple wallet won’t require the RBC Wallet app at time of payment…

  • Kirk

    Just thought I’d mention that my RBC ESSO Visa worked perfectly fine with adding it through Apple Pay. I had the RBC wallet app installed but never set it up through the app. Did it the Apple Pay through Apple wallet app. It asked me to verify though by opening the wallet app and login in. Did that and it bounced me back to Apple Pay and activated it fine. Also added my interac card just fine. Had to verify using my normal RBC banking mobile app.The visa virtual debit card doesn’t work just yet though.

  • Matt

    So once I verified my cards do I still need RBC wallet app on my phone?

  • Nope no need for it anymore to use Apple Pay

  • Matt

    OK got it, thank you!!! Great coverage from this site on apple pay support all day today 🙂

  • Thanks Matt!

  • Marco

    I asked the same question from RBC rep this morning and she said that RBC wallet is needed for payments. Looks like she didn’t know what she was talking about.

  • These reps are learning about Apple Pay the same day it was announced. Probably overwhelming with the amount of info sprung on them.

  • Mikef2007

    Done and done

  • randyritraj

    I added both my RBC Visa and RBC debit card to Apple Pay on my phone via the Wallet app. It forced me to download the RBC Wallet to verify (actually there’s an option to call them if you really don’t want the RBC Wallet but I’d rather do it without waiting/talking to someone) which I did, then the cards were set. I then had to set it up in my Apple Watch app (same verification of the card to RBC Wallet). Took about 5-6 minutes to add the two cards to both devices. Then went down and bought Timmies with the watch – pretty slick!

  • xeronine992

    I don’t think the Virtual Debit will ever work, nor would you need it.

    It’s only used for online purchases from your chequing account, not for POS purchases.

  • xeronine992

    You can, but the RBC Wallet app is used as an alternative verification method. You don’t NEED the RBC Wallet app, but you’ll have to call and verify over the phone before the cards will be activated.

  • artikas

    It’s probably worth noting that under Settings – “wallet & ApplePay” you can set up one of your cards to pop up when you double press the home button while your phone is locked

  • iFone

    All setup with RBC. Now waiting for the minor players (i.e. MBNA) to start allowing Apple Pay for purchases.

  • Dave m

    I had downloaded the RBc wallet app months ago and like everyone wondered what it was for. I was able to add the cards in seconds. I used my RBC visa via Apple Pay this morning at Loblaws. The cashier was very confused, she said she had never seen anyone pay with their phone. I guess not too many people use Amex via Apple Pay here.

  • Kirk

    You know what? I never thought that through. You are correct. It takes away from your debt. It’s just doubling up the same thing. Also eventually when they activate Apply Pay for online and in-app purchases I’d rather Apple Pay the purchase and use virtual visa as an option when Apple Pay is not available

  • Mr. Mac

    So I just spent 45min on the phone with Canadian Tire but they can’t tell me why I can’t register my card. I get the error message: “Card Not Added”, “Contact your card issuer for more information.” Has anyone resolved this one? CT says everything should work from their side. The only thing different for me from all of you is that I’m currently in Spain but the apple account and all of the phone settings are for Canada.

  • Alex

    It’s not accepted, I haven’t found any grocer that accepted AMEX through tap. I’d always have to dig for my card while the cashier would judge :p Can’t wait for Scotia support!