Shaw Pushes Ahead With its Wireless Ambitions After ‘Transformative’ Acquisition


According to a new report from the Calgary Sun, Shaw Communications is continuing to push forward with its wireless ambitions in 2017. The company called the acquisition of Wind Mobile “transformative”.

Shaw Communications acquired Wind Mobile for $1.6 billion in 2016 and rebranded it as Freedom Mobile.

The Calgary-based company is looking to move away from its historical role as a cable provider to a distribution company. Shaw used to own television channels, however, they elected to get out of this business and sell its entire media division to Corus Entertainment.

Freedom Mobile expects a huge LTE upgrade that is scheduled to be finished in the fall of 2017. The report notes that Shaw is planning to roll out its LTE network in Alberta by the summer.

It’s clear that Shaw’s focus remains on improving the wireless network first and then working on gaining subscribers. Marketing initiatives to grow subscribers is expected to ramp up later in the year.

Freedom Mobile simply can’t compete with the Big Three telecom giants in terms of network performance right now. However, Freedom will try to improve its infrastructure, so it reaches a point where its network performance offers terrific value to the customer.


  • Bill___A

    That is a good plan to upgrade the infrastructure and then sell it. I hope there are fewer ads of the Corus channels on Shaw’s channels now that Corus should be having to pay for ads on the same basis as anyone else. There were far too many ads and yes it was only on Shaw’s feed of the channels, I checked, side by side..

  • Jeff

    I wonder who owners Corus hmmmmmm……


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