Shaw Server Issue Permanently Deletes Millions of Unread Customer Emails


shaw email outage

According to a report by CBC News, a recent server outage at Shaw last Thursday caused disruption to customers–by deleting millions of unread emails. One particular iPhone user described his experience below:

Alan Fryer says he was frantically trying to check his messages Thursday afternoon when the outage occurred, affecting about 70 per cent of Shaw’s customers.

“I was in a meeting and I kept checking my iPhone expecting emails, at 3, 4, 5, no email,” said Fryer, who is a Shaw customer.

Shaw did not notify customers via email about the outage until Saturday, where it apologized for the disruption. It also stated its technicians were unable to retrieve unread deleted emails, aside from the names of senders and subject lines. The company told the Calgary Herald it was an isolated incident:

Shaw spokesman Chethan Lakshman said about 70 per cent of Shaw email customers were affected by the problem, which began when technicians were attempting fix an email delay Thursday morning.

“While we were fixing that problem we had a technical issue and all emails in our customers’ inbox became deleted,” Lakshman said.

If you’re a Shaw customer still using Shaw email, here’s a tip: switch to Gmail. Your life will be whole lot easier and you won’t have to worry about losing any more emails. Plus, setting up your account on an iPhone is much simpler too.

Shaw has just under two million internet customers, with a majority of them in Western Canada. Anyone affected by this outage?

[via CBC]


  • K_O_cowtown

    I was affected by this and I’m absolutely infuriated! There was no notification from Shaw, nothing on Twitter. Apology was too little too late!!

  • That really sucks, nothing is worse than losing unread email :/

  • Shawsucks

    Shaw is a joke! I now only use iCloud mail.

  • Yeah, I’ve never liked the idea of having my service provider handle my email. Mostly because if I want to switch service providers, I have to switch email addresses. Using an unrelated service like Gmail is what I always recommend to everyone. The problem is that they market their email services well, making people feel like they’re a smart solution. I think the reason they do this is so that they have something extra to hold over you if you want to switch service providers. There’s the extra headache of switching your email address over which many people won’t want to do and decide it’s too much effort to switch.

  • That’s pretty much it. Before Gmail launched, I was using Shaw for email. After formatting my Windows box every 6 months, restoring email was a major PITA.

  • miogus

    Yes there is – I sent an interac epayment to a shaw user and it was lost. Had to cancel and resend. Cost me $1.50

  • Ouch

  • I’m a shaw subscriber and my email has been acting wonky for about a week, and now I know why. I never got any notification for shaw that this happened. I am pissed… would be more upset if i relied on it for important mail.

  • This is why my company is a hosted Exchange reseller. Exchange 2013 FTW!

  • JB

    How many times have i seen Telus or other providers do this and when these guys do it it’s such a huge deal. Yes, important emails were deleted. Yes, you spent an extra $2.50 on a transaction but are we really surprised? It was bound to happen one day.