Shaw Supports Government’s Direction for 600MHz Spectrum Auction


Shaw Communications has entered its final submission to the Ministry of Industry, Science and Economic Development consultation regarding the 600MHz spectrum auction.

The telecom has reiterated its strong support for the federal government’s proposed spectrum policy framework that will help truly achieve a competitive landscape in Canada. In a statement, the president of Shaw Communications Jay Mehr said:

“Shaw is ready to step up and complete the job of creating a compelling alternative in Canada’s wireless market, but we cannot achieve these aspirations without the amount and type of spectrum we need to build a stronger network for Canadians. The 600 MHz spectrum auction provides a unique opportunity for the government to correct the huge imbalance in spectrum holdings between the Big Three and real competitors like Shaw.”

In the submission the telecom noted that over 90 percent of available low-band wireless spectrum in Canada is currently in control by the Big Three – Rogers, Bell and Telus. These companies, and their sub brands, maintain a consistent total of 90 percent market share.

In its submission, Shaw argued:

“Canadians need the most valuable, most affordable and most innovative services possible, and our economic future depends on the availability of strong alternatives for world-leading mobile connectivity over the long term. Shaw and other new facilities-based competitors in the wireless market have shown their commitment, ability and effectiveness in bringing competitive discipline to an uncompetitive market.”

However, the Big Three continue to dominate, which isn’t surprising given their advantage in the wireless spectrum. Mehr said that Shaw is working hard to provide an alternative network and sustainable competition to Canada. Shaw is in full support of the new spectrum policy and they applaud the direction in which the government is heading.

[via Financial Post]


  • SV650

    I don’t see Shaw’s internet and cable offerings being any cheaper than their competition. Why would I expect them to be a low price entity in the cellular market?

  • Not a shaw fan

    If Shaws “competitiveness” with cable tv is any indication of performance they will be EXACTLY the same as the big three when it comes to pricing.

  • Dansk

    There’s definitely going to be competition especially when it comes to data costs. Just look at the new data focused plans from Freedom ( I know their network suck but will improve if Shaw has acceess to the much needed spectrum ) I see Shaw doing it very different then the big three, it’s in their favour to be different and to disrupt the market when it comes to wireless.

  • Bill___A

    Maybe it is in their favour to do it now…..but once they have a network like the big three, they will charge like the big three, Their phone service was cheaper now not….as far as landlines are concerned Their cable is overpriced, their internet is not cheap….

  • raslucas

    They are a regional carriers, not unlike Videotron or Sasktel. It’ll be a different offering and it will drive down prices in the regions that it does business in… look at Quebec and Saskatchewan specific plans from Rogers. They get better deals.

    All that being said, it’s not magic, they are still a business and they still want money.

  • Brenda

    How many times is the government going to give the smaller players a better deal on spectrum auctions only to have the spectrum, and sometimes the smaller company itself, get gobbled up by one of the big three? This obviously doesn’t lead to more competition or we’d already be there. Smart organisations don’t repeat previous mistakes.

  • TL

    No cellphone protocols use the 600MHz frequency range. What would Shaw use it for? Introducing a canada model only cell phone which would have locked in higer rates?

  • Chris

    There is a LTE band for 600Mhz. It is band 71.
    T-Mobile in the US has started to deploy it but there is only 1 phone that supports it currently, the LG V30.