How To: Silence Siri with iPhone / iPad’s Mute Switch


The folks over at OSXDaily have put up a handy step-by-step tutorial on how to enable Siri’s muting & unmuting with the hardware mute switch on an iPhone or iPad. This way, you can continue to use Siri for commands and queries, while silencing the virtual assistant’s default voice feedback response. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

Open Settings and Go to General > Siri.

Step 2:

Choose Voice Feedback and select Control with Ring Switch. The mute switch on the side of the iPhone and iPad is referred to as the “Ring Switch” here.

Silence siri mute switch ios 450x800

Step 3:

Leave Settings and activate Siri with the mute switch enabled. Siri will now respond in text and on screen only.

That’s it, enjoy!


  • Bolo

    Doesn’t work with Hey Siri on iPhone 6S.

  • andrez1

    My new iPad Mini 4 has no mute switch!

  • John

    The article reiterates what the description in the iOS settings say. It will give voice feedback when you use “Hey Siri” (Also when connected to an audio device, headphone jack or bluetooth), which makes sense because if you activate it with your voice you probably aren’t looking at your phone. Quite handy really, a simple on or off setting wouldn’t have been as useful.

  • Ghet

    I want to delete Siri from my iPhone