Canadian Teen Penelope Oleksiak Runs Out of Data After Silver Medal Win


Canada’s Penelope Oleksiak is only 16 years old and has already won two medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics in swimming: a silver medal in the 100 metres butterfly and bronze in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

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But after her silver medal win, Oleksiak said she ran into smartphone problems, telling Reuters “I’ve run out of data.”

As she explains, after her strong performance in the 100m butterfly and winning silver, she was inundated with notifications on social networks:

”I am always on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and everything and seeing all the notifications. I can’t really go through all of them. It’s kind of crazy, I guess, just because I go on Twitter and it’s like you have 150 notifications but I want to look at them all and like all of them but I can’t.

”And Facebook too. All my friends always tag me in posts and I want to like them and comment on all of them but I always miss one or two.”

While her performance may have been surprising to some, Oleksiak was a six-time medal winner at the 2015 world junior championships.

We don’t know if Oleksiak was using Rogers Roam Like Home, TELUS EasyRoam, Bell’s Roam Better, or a local SIM card. But after winning her medals, I’m sure she found Wi-Fi or other ways to get back online.

You can watch the Olympics live via the CBC Rio 2016 app, which you can download here.


  • Dany Quirion

    roam like home is fine for a week, but when you spend 3weeks there, jsut get a local sim card.

  • sukisszoze

    With Roam Like Home on Rogers, the max is 10 days x $10 in Europe and no fees after that. It’s pretty good if you will be away for longer than 10 days but certainly not cheaper than a local SIM. It’s the only option if you want to keep your number. I think this is a great opportunity for one of the Telco to jump in and sponsor her!

  • jake

    you’re an idiot. Go read the details of the service. It stops charging you after 10 days of usage.

  • Dany Quirion

    I do know that, but you can get a prepaid sim car charged with 6gb for like 40$ no need to attack me